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Location: Cyprus

Industry: Water & Sanitation

Products: Asset Management

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The Water Development Department (WDD) in Cyprus is responsible for Water Resources (ground and surface water) and for all transmission mains and structures for the entire country. In many cases it is also responsible for distribution networks dealing with raw, clean, desalinated and recycled water supply and sewer disposal.

EDAMS from 2010 to 2014 was responsible for the development & implementation of an integrated GIS and asset management system that covers the needs of the Department. The main objective was the introduction, customization and supply of an operational and integrated Geographical and Assets & Water Resources Management System for WDD that would be compatible with the best international practices and would cover all the needs of the Divisions of WDD in information and procedures.

The implementation of EDAMS Assets Infrastructure Management system and of the EDAMS Assets Water Resources & Hydrology Management system in combination with the creation of a comprehensive geographical database has improved considerably the operations of Water Development Department and has resulted in an organization with a growth path that includes efficient and computerized maintenance management, work order scheduling and hydrologic modelling of watersheds and rivers.