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Implementation of Systems for the Hydrometry Division of Water Development Department (WDD) for Cyprus

The Water Development Department in Cyprus (WDD) is responsible for implementing the water policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment for the rational development and management of the water resources of Cyprus.

The implementation of the Integrated Water Management Law in 2010 and the large number of borehole/ abstraction applications received by the WDD Regional Offices created the need for reviewing and computerising the procedures, in order to help the Department’s Hydrometry Division to improve the daily management of the operations and the interaction with the applicants. WDD proceeded with the implementation of the project «Development of a system for Management / Licensing of Boreholes at WDD» which was completed in a period of six months.

The main objectives of the project were:

  1. To computerize the revised licensing procedure;
  2. the development of a system for the Management/Licensing of Boreholes;
  3. to improve the current abstraction licensing procedure as it was tedious, time-consuming and comprising of several stages.

The main issues addressed include:

  1. Linking the boreholes application process with the main EDAMS Hydrology and Natural Resources central database.
  2. Rearrange/Reduce the site inspections.
  3. Standardization of the applications’ evaluation procedures.
  4. Integrating into the new system and processes the numerous existing (non computerised) applications.