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> Water & Sewerage Authority of Livadia (DEYAL)

Location: Livadia, Greece

Industry: Water & Sanitation

Product: Asset Management & Operations (Telmetry)

> Systems Implemented

EDAMS implemented a novel automated system for the detection and control of NRW.

The system was first deployed in the Water & Sewerage Authority of Livadia (DEYAL). It is composed of 20 outstations strategically located within the network and two mobile stations. All the data are fed to the central telemetry station, which is linked to the EDAMS Network Asset Management system that monitors and analyses the zone operations.

“Real” consumption data are integrated into the process by linking to EDAMS Demand Management and a live link to the billing system. The system is fully operational after the optimization and rezoning of the existing network. It has already assisted the Utility to half its NRW over the course of the lst two years.