Deployment Options & Cost Components

There are 3 options available for deploying the software as follows:

  1. Option 1: Purchase of Software, hosted on premises
  2. Option 2: Rental of Software, hosted on premises
  3. Option 3: Software Subscription, hosted on Cloud

In option 1 the Customer purchases the software (once-off) and pays a yearly Software Maintenance fee (optional). In options 2 & 3 the Customer pays an annual rental fee that includes software maintenance.

 Support: Remote support related to Software problems or the use of the software is provided at no extra cost. Support with regard to issues such as data conversion, customisation/ creation of forms and reports will be considered as Additional support.

In all options additional costs include:

  1. Data Conversion (as quoted – optional)
  2. System Setup & Configuration (as quoted – optional)
  3. Training (per man-day – as required)
  4. Additional Support (per man-hour – as required)

Data Conversion & System Setup & Configuration

EDAMS Systems incorporate flexible conversion routines configured to suit the user environment.

Utility geographical data can also be converted to the EDAMS systems from other GIS systems or shapefiles. In the case of data available in other formats assistance can be given to Utilities for converting their data.

The EDAMS Systems come with a standard configuration that includes industry best-practice procedures and a large number of standard forms and reports. If required, further work can be carried out to set up and configure the system as well as customize interfaces to other systems to suit Customer requirements.

For larger projects EDAMS can carry out a more complex implementation using its Rapid System Implementation Method (RSIM) a tried and successful method in bringing about change with minimum risk and disruption at the organization.

Training Programs & Workshops

All EDAMS products come with pre-packaged well-documented training courses designed to empower Utility personnel:

  • User training courses: provided to end-users to enable them to properly operate different modules of the EDAMS systems.
  • Certification courses: Certification training courses are advanced courses provided to Utility personnel enabling them to independently support and maintain the systems supplied.
  • Workshops: Conference/ workshops are held on a regular basis presenting various aspects of the EDAMS systems and associated services.

Software Maintenance & Support

For Clients that procure the software locally on a purchase basis

EDAMS encourages Clients to enter into a separate Annual Software Maintenance Agreement. This agreement includes, at no extra cost, the provision of product upgrades, the provision of upgrade tools, instructions and documentation and access to the EDAMS call centre, EDAMS Forum and/or web-based support services through the use of a web account.

EDAMS Support Services provide a risk-free, cost-effective means of operating the EDAMS Systems and fully utilising them in improving the performance of the Utility.

The effective usage of the EDAMS Systems is instrumental in achieving set performance objectives through improving productivity and data quality, supporting business processes and management and assisting the activities needed for rehabilitation. The cost of such services is usually offset by just a fraction of the resulting benefits the Utility will enjoy. 

Additional Services

Additional services are offered by Hydro-Comp Enterprises in the three areas; Technology, Outsourcing and Consulting.

Technology involves the supply, implementation and support of EDAMS Information systems and related activities such as capacity building, data capture and data analysis.

Outsourcing varies depending on Customer needs and size from simple Hosting/ Cloud computing for smaller organisations to comprehensive in-sourcing involving the presence of Hydro-Comp’s personnel at the Customer’s premises.

Consulting services are basically aimed towards improvement of Utility/ Municipality performance both in terms improving revenues, reducing operating costs, maximising use of existing assets and infrastructure planning. Such services are offered to EDAMS users.

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