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EDAMS Solar Parks – Operations 

EDAMS – Operations provides real time intelligent information from PV Parks ensuring fault-free and maximum performance operation and provides production amounts, predictions and patterns for energy management. EDAMS Operations is based on a real time Asset Management system that assists Solar Power Operators improve reliability, efficiency and availability and optimize power production.

Metering / Logs Manager

EDAMS Logs and Metering Manager is a monitoring and recording system of data and events, required for:

  • Capturing and viewing information
  • Triggering Maintenance requests in the case of problems arising
  • Energy Management, and
  • Statistical analysis for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning purposes.

Real Time Weather & Solar Data

EDAMS-Operations maintain direct links to OpenWeatherMap© for the retrieval of historical and predictions of weather information and Solcast© for the continuous download of solar data.

The Solcast© method for estimating solar irradiance from geostationary weather satellites. It includes:

  • Detection of cloud cover.
  • Modelling the available solar radiance under clear skies.
  • Final estimate of the amount of solar irradiance reaching the Earth’s surface after it passes through the clouds (if any are present).


Faults Monitoring & Analysis

Alarms Monitoring

  • Fault Analysis refers to automated Real time analysis of readings to identify failure and raise Alarms. Alarms are on dashboards that enable drilling down to identify specific problems and reasons for raising the alarm.

Trigger Maintenance Management

  • All Alerts are automatically allocated to PV Assets for Maintenance purposes and easy reference. EDAMS-Maintenance Management (EDAMS-MMS) is automatically activated to issue Maintenance Requests and Job cards

Production Analysis & Forecasting

Load / Capacity Factors

  • The system summarises the daily records per month and computes the monthly daily averages of energy production together with the min and max production recorded for each month. Based on the capacity of the park the monthly Load/Capacity factors are computed.

Production Modeling & Forecasting

  • EDAMS can provide hourly and daily forecasts automatically re-calibrated by intelligent AI algorithms.The system has the capability to forecast power production up to 7 days ahead dynamically updating the predictions

Energy Losses Analysis

  • The system analyses the PV Park losses and evaluates the performance of the PV Plant on a regular basis. Shading, soiling and inverter losses are analysed and system inefficiencies are identified.
  • PV Park losses can be computed from actual data for any period and compared to DC and AC output.

Performance Analysis

  • The system calculates the daily performance ratios both for each plant and each Inverter/ panel system. The performance ratios are shown graphical with time for user definable periods.
  • Based on records the system computes the daily/weekly and monthly performance indicators such as Reference System Yield, Specific Yield, Performance Ratio, System Efficiency, Capacity Factor, Availability Factor and Modules Efficiency.

    Management Dashboards

    • Web-enabled Management Dashboards provide easy access to relevant information at all management levels. Dashboards are available at Operator, Supervisor, Departmental Manager and Senior Management levels.
    • Senior Management can view production performance indicators per solar park or even compare performance of different parks.