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EDAMS Operations – Municipalities 

Monitoring, recording and analysis of technical data used for Condition Assessment, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning. Includes specialised modules for inspection of Sewers (CCTV), Pavement Management (PMS), Energy Auditing & Outage Management.


Water, Sanitation & Storm – water Drainage

EDAMS Operations – Water & Sanitation/Storm-water assists in the monitoring and recording of data and events, required for:

  • capturing information
  • triggering a Maintenance request in the case of problems arising
  • statistical analysis for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning purposes
  • Distribution / NRW Management (Water)

Furthermore, to carry out bulk meter, pump and production analysis evaluating performance of bulk meters, pump stations and production units (boreholes and Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants).

Monitoring & Control

The Metering module can assist Managers to effectively manage, evaluate, verify and monitor all static (electronic) meters and their readings. The Metering Manager module integrates:

  • Network Assets Information
  • Zoning (i.e. Balancing or feeder zones)
  • Telemetry / SCADA & Other Meter Reading Sources
  • Any other metering info

It provides the Manager with a tool to evaluate and monitor meter readings and provide reliable input for balancing or billing purposes.
Monitoring, recording and analysis of technical data used for Maintenance, Balancing, Billing and Rehabilitation Planning.

Inspection of Sewers (EDAMS – CCTV)

The EDAMS – Sewers/Manholes Visual Inspections (CCTV) module enables the users to perform an overall assessment of the working condition of sewers and manholes and also describe the damages of these elements based on standards. EDAMS – Sewers/Manholes Visual Inspections (CCTV) module includes:


  • procedures for the recording of results of field observations;
  • secure storage of information and intuitive retrieval system;
  • extensive thematic mapping for analysing the inspection information;
  • the flexibility to customise the system and accommodate additional information.

Transportation Facilities

EDAMS Networks Asset Management (Transportation) is a system developed for Municipalities that need to optimize the performance and cost-effectiveness of their transportation facilities.
It addresses the transportation infrastructure in an integrated manner with the other municipal services encompassing Asset management and Infrastructure maintenance management.
The system includes implementation of the EDAMS Linear Referencing System (LRS) allowing the Municipality / Utility to maintain a network database with an unlimited number of attribute events associated with a small set of network features.


Pavement Management System (EDAMS – PMS)

EDAMS Pavement Management System is a module of EDAMS Network Asset Management (Transportation), a system that can assist Utility & Municipal Managers on maintenance and rehabilitation of transportation facilities.
EDAMS Pavement Management Systems (PMS) is a necessary tool for Municipal Engineers in quantifying the overall maintenance needs of pavements and developing maintenance strategies. It addresses:


  • Road Segment Identification
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Pavement Data
  • Pavement Condition
  • Historical data
  • Distress Analysis
  • Condition Modelling Tools
  • Prioritization
  • Budget analysis
  • Reporting

Electricity Distribution

EDAMS Operations – Electricity Distribution incorporates various models that enable:


  • Feeder Management: Through the use of the Zoning Modeler – Identifies feeder and transformer zones allowing users to easily manage complex feeder systems.
  • Energy Auditing: monitoring of the T&D losses per feeder and DT zone.
  • Outage Management: Integration to EDAMS Maintenance for effective Outage Management providing trouble-call handling, Outage analysis and prediction, Crew management, and reliability reporting.

Properties, Vehicles and Equipment (PV&E)

The system maintains and sustains a reliable asset register for the assets of the Utility that need to be maintained, such as Buildings and their different components (e.g. AC units), vehicles and mobile equipment (e.g. compressors), I.T. equipment.
EDAMS-Operations through the Logs system monitors and records all data required for (a) capturing and viewing information (b) triggering a Maintenance request.
Examples of logs: Mileage on Vehicles, hours worked on generators etc.