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EDAMS Hydrometry  

Hydrometry Departments are mainly engaged in the collection and proper management of data on the Water Resources both surface and underground. The data managed are quantitative and qualitative. EDAMS Hydrometry system is specifically developed as an operational system assisting Hydrometry Government Departments in the collection, manipulation, retrieval and reporting of such data.

Monitoring Environmental Networks

EDAMS – Hydrometry includes:

  • Logs Management
  • Quality Record / Samples Management
  • Weather / Meteorological Data Support
  • Integration to Underground & Surface Water Resources
  • Monitoring Programs
  • Water Framework Directive Support
  • Time-series statistical package
  • Integration to SCADA systems
  • Integration to SMS Services
  • Time – Series Optimisation
  • HEC integration

Logs Management

Different types of logs are catered by the system:

  • Manual Logs: Logs imported manually by the user
  • Telemetry Logs: Logs imported from external system establishing a direct connection to a Web API or direct database connection.
  • Period Logs: defined for all variables that will be used for further analysis over specific periods, for example: monthy borehole production (daily, monthly), plant production (daily, monthly and ½ hourly)
  • Generated Logs: Logs linked to other logs and generated automatically based on relationship and rules.

Integration to EDAMS Quality monitoring

EDAMS Quality monitoring module (EDAMS – QM – LIMS) brings you all the tools you need for fast and effective management of environmental quality data. It includes:

  • procedures for the recording of results of analysis or field observations;
  • procedures for systematic screening and validation of data;
  • secure storage of information and retrieval system;
  • extensive means of analysing data;

Integration to Meteorological Data

EDAMS Hydrometry has the infrastructure for the import of meteorological data for all environmental monitoring stations either from:

  • Meteorological Departments
  • Weather sites through Web – API mechanism

Integration to EDAMS Natural Resources GIS / Registry

EDAMS Natural Resources Registry covers the full spectrum of surface water hydrology elements encompassing surface waters including overland flows, rivers, lakes, wetlands etc. and physical characteristics and proxy pressures relating to groundwater bodies.

The system is embedded / integrated to the natural resources registry for easy allocation of logs / quality records and reporting.

Telemetry Records / Logs Monitoring

The EDAMS Hydrometry module provides users with the ability to monitor and record data and events, required for

  • capturing and viewing information
  • triggering a Maintenance request in the case of problems arising and
  • statistical analysis for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning purposes.

EDAMS maintain and update connection to the Web API databases of all the main manufacturers of equipment for automatic updating of the EDAMS Telemetry Logs database.

Importing of Logs

Flexible Importing of Logs / Readings facility allows the import:

  • By establishing permanent links with external databases: This method is primarily used to import data on regular intervals from Telemetry back – office systems.
  • By importing data (single log or multiple logs) from ad – hoc files: This method is used mainly for the importing of records from hand-held devices or external files (csv, excel, etc).

Time – Series Statistical Analysis

EDAMS – Hydrometry incorporates time-series statistical Analysis packages for the historical analysis of the time-series and regression analysis tools for short – and long – term predictions.


The system includes multitude of standard reports developed over years of experience by Hydrometry Departments. Main reports are classified to (a) Generic (b) Annual (c) Hydrological Cycle.

Monitoring Programs

  • Water Authorities utilise established national monitoring networks for the development and management of the water resources.
  • These networks must be combined with the various water monitoring programs that are implemented by several Ministries and Departments both for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of Government environmental policy, as well as for investigation and monitoring requirements of individual Departments.
  • EDAMS can assist Authorities in the management of their Programs by incorporating the definition, use and reporting based on programs.

Water Framework Directive Monitoring

The Water Framework Directive 2000 / 60 / EC (WFD) is a European Union (EU) directive which commits European Union member states to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies.

EDAMS Hydrometry has embedded the Water Framework Directive – Reporting requirements as documented according to the latest Guidance documents (WFD CIS Guidance Document No.9), therefore can provide the Management Reporting required for regular reporting according to WFD requirements.