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Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS)

An integrated system of procedures, processes and tools that collectively manage the Laboratory information and provides quality services for Laboratories,

Developed and Maintained by our affiliated company ENVOME Software Ltd

Key Benefits

– Swift Nonconformity and Corrective Actions
– Identified Potential Failures, Instigating Preventive Action
– Improved Productivity and Efficiency
– Enhanced Customer Services
– Improved Quality Service Delivery
– Compliance with legislation

Samples Management

  • Multiple views of Samples registry with comprehensive filters
  • User-friendly intuitive design employing the latest IT technology
  • Efficient & Accurate Processing. Achieve error-free handling and testing of lab samples with minimal manual intervention
  • Fully web enabled interface

Workflow Management – Integration to EDAMS-CRM

  • Flexible Design of Applications workflow (pre-defined & customisable activities, application types & building blocks)

Samples Distribution and Notifications

  • Flexible sample processing from reception to Lab distribution and Lab processing and approval.
  • Multi-channel communication through e-mails, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

Sample Results Entry

  • User-friendly intuitive UI for capturing/editing of parameter values
  • User configurable permissions per post
  • Simplify lab sample processing with advanced batch management features.
  • Optimize workflow and boost efficiency by grouping and processing samples together.

Workflow Reporting

  • Comprehensive reports and templates in all the sample processing steps from Requests for Analysis, Distribution to Certificates of Analysis
  • Utilizes customer data to generate unique barcodes with special codes to identify sample types for test
  • This data, along with test data, can be retrieved by scanning, preventing sample mismatch at processing and enabling error-free report entries

    Instrument Management – Instrument Register / Libraries & API Interfacing

    • Instrument Register
      • Comprehensive Instruments register and Library
      • Facilities for automatic importing of samples through API interface to instruments
      • Instrument Libraries with all related details, including manufacturer, supplier, maintenance/ calibration agent with Attachments/ Hyperlinks to documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      • Extensive functionality exists for the interfacing of EDAMS-LIMS to a new generation of universal API.

    Quality Assurance & Compliance

    • EDAMS incorporates all the methodologies of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) for field sampling/collection and subsequent laboratory testing and data analysis.

    Quality Standards

    • Parameters are grouped to Quality Standards based on Government and International Regulations.
    • The system maintains Library with the most commonly used Standards.


    Results Evaluation & Validation

    • EDAMS LIMS evaluates automatically the quality parameter sampling values based on predefined criteria.
    • Each quality parameter is firstly compared to the Standard MAC value or Guide level (GL) – defined in evaluation settings window – and is classified as In Spec or Out of Spec.

      Management Reports

      The system provides a series of dynamic management reports with drill down capabilities for different periods, and variables. The reports include:


      •  Analytical & Summary Report (Management Dashboard)
      • Compliance Analysis
      • Cost Analysis
      • Project evaluation

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