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EDAMS Quality Monitoring & LIMS 

The EDAMS Quality Monitoring & Laboratory Management Information System adds value to the Utility’s Quality monitoring program, effectively dealing with the acquisition, management, monitoring, analysis, reporting and publishing of quality data.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

EDAMS incorporates all the methodologies of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) for field sampling/collection and subsequent laboratory testing and data analysis.

Sample Scheduling & Field Sampling

  • EDAMS user friendly field sampling web modules allow employees to manage all the field operations for the collection of samples from monitoring points.
  • The facility enables employees to: (a) Capture on-site results, (b) Verify Sample Location, (c) Report out of range results, (d) Record onsite comments, incidents, problems and actions.

Integration to EDAMS-CRM

  • For non-routine and commercial samples EDAMS-LIMS has embedded EDAMS-CRM for the flexible Design of Applications workflow (pre-defined & customisable activities, application types & building blocks)
  • Pre-build Activities (e.g. Select a customer, receive a sample, Select an address, Select a plot, Issue a permit, print report, allocate property, issue invoice etc)

Integration to EDAMS Systems

  • Links Quality Sample to Infrastructure Asset (Treatment plant, borehole, reservoir, position in network), enabling tracing of source of contamination and emergency response action (eg. closure of valves).
  • Industrial Effluent Monitoring compliance violations can be used to compute effluent charges/ penalties.
  • Customer requesting quality tests can be invoiced.

Samples Register > Views

The system has available multiple customisable views of the Samples registry for easy access/ inspection of large datasets

Sample Register > Templates

  • Comprehensive Sample templates based on Best practices and SOAP with information on
    • Sample Acquisition
    • Sample results
    • Laboratory testing
    • Documents
    • Attachments

Sample Register > GIS Interface-Monitoring Points

  • Fully integrated to the EDAMS Data Management & GIS system. All Monitoring Points and quality records can be geographically located with a graphical component and be accessible to all users.
  • Monitoring points can be automatically related to network elements, connections, plots, and properties as well as zonal elements such as townships, engineering zones, etc.

Instrument Register & Libraries

Instrument Register

  • Instrument attributes
  • Custom attributes / custom look-ups etc
  • Bar coding support
  • Location information and link to Laboratory Station (Hierarchical structure)
  • Photographs, pictures or videos

Instrument Library

  • Used to avoid input repetition
  • Attachments/ Hyperlinks to documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Workload Analysis / Backlogs

  • Comprehensive backlogs (not completed) per Samples groups
  • Analysis of Sample Processing times per Standard Analysis & equipment
  • Analysis of unit time per analysis & equipment capacity

Results Entry

User-friendly capture of results including:

  • Flexible result precision specification (decimal places, significant figures, etc.)
  • Capture per sample or batch of samples per equipment
  • Store documents, images, etc. against results


Quality Standards

  • Parameters are grouped to Quality Standards based on Government and International Regulations.
  • The system maintains Library with the most commonly used Standards.

Results Evaluation & Validation

  • EDAMS LIMS evaluates automatically the quality parameter sampling values based on predefined criteria.
  • Each quality parameter is firstly compared to the Standard MAC value or Guide level (GL) – defined in evaluation settings window – and is classified as In Spec or Out of Spec.


Parameter Logs Manager

  • EDAMS filters and gives the user the ability to view parameter measurements as continuous records
  • EDAMS-Logs provides functionality for the management of parameter values as logs/time-series
  • The module allows users to view and compare parameter values for a chronological period

    Compliance & Reporting in line with Non-Conformance Management

    • Incident reporting/ tracking for quality failures: All monitoring and Quality failures can be linked to the EDAMS Maintenance Management system for immediate investigation and/or re-sampling.
    • Weekly Incident Management Response reports can be generated to ensure that failures have been investigated and corrective action taken as and where needed.

    Management Reports

    The system provides a series of dynamic management reports with drill down capabilities for different periods, areas of interest and variables. The reports include:

    • Analytical & Summary Report (Management Dashboard)
    • Compliance Analysis
    • Failure Analysis per Site (Recurring Site Failure)
    • Cost Analysis
    • Point Analysis
    • Project evaluation


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