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EDAMS Waste & Pollution Control 

EDAMS Waste Management & Pollution Control is a suite of specialised systems that use dedicated data structures and have been specifically designed and developed for Departments involved in Waste Management and the operation, licensing and management of waste facilities / operators and collection / transport of waste.

Waste Management

EDAMS Assets Solid Waste model includes 10 main element types that cover the full spectrum of solid waste asset types. Element types not covered by the model can always be defined as custom element types. The system maintains detailed information on the physical & engineering characteristics of the Solid Waste Infrastructure network.  

    Logs Management – Air Pollution Records

    EDAMS Integrated Quality Monitoring module (IQMS) brings you all the tools you need for fast and effective management of related environmental quality data.

    It’s easy to use graphical interface and strong visual tools combined with its support for (water/air/ground) quality monitoring business processes make it a uniquely powerful, yet intuitive, water quality management system.

    The module includes:

    • procedures for the recording of results of analysis or field observations;
    • procedures for systematic screening and validation of data;
    • secure storage of information and intuitive retrieval system;
    • extensive means of analysing data;
    • the flexibility to accommodate additional information, e.g. analytes, sites, etc.. 

    Permits for Waste Management facilities, Operators/ Waste transport

    EDAMS-Operations [Applications, Permits, Licensing, Inspections] is a specialised CRM system that deals with the processing of all the applications and activities related directly or indirectly to the issuing of permits for waste management facilities / operators & permits for collection / transport of waste.

    It is specifically designed for Organisations that manage process and/or approve Environmental Applications.