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EDAMS PV Installations Licensing

EDAMS-Solar – Photovoltaic Installations includes all the productivity tools required by companies involved in photovoltaic commercial and residential installations. The system includes (a) PV Installation development (b) Work Scheduling (c) Management Reporting and (d) Field Work Management.


PV Installations Development

Specialised CRM Licensing and permits system that processes the PV applications and other activities related directly or indirectly to the applicants/ permit holders, including licensing, Inspections, applications.

Permits for PV Installations require streamlined procedures if the provider must cope with a large volume of applications. Typically, at least the following steps are needed: 1) Inspection & Preliminary Agreement; 2) Compilation of Electricity Authority Application; 4) Quotation preparation; and 5) Contract Generation 6) Installation.

EDAMS PV Installations Development has pre-build procedures necessary for monitoring the licensing process.

Work Scheduling

EDAMS Maintenance Management (MMS) enables the scheduling of resources and the determination of the actual cost of resources (manpower, support services, parts) for each PV installation as well as for each maintenance activity.
The system addresses People, Processes and Systems to enable industry specific best practices in all aspects including new Installations, Investigations, Inspections, Repairs, asset replacement and Servicing (Routine, Preventive Maintenance).

Management Reporting

 Web-enabled Management Dashboards provide easy access to relevant information. Dashboards are available at Supervisor and Management levels. PV Installation Owners can view production performance indicators or even compare performance of similar installations.
Alarms shown on dashboards enable drilling down to identify specific problems and reasons for raising the alarm and can send SMS messages for severe alarms.  

Field Work Management

All aspects of EDAMS Maintenance Management system are published, including work order management, scheduling and dispatch functionality and workflow, real-time monitoring capabilities and reporting. The solution is intended to the PV Installations Operator’s Maintenance branches/sections and the field crews involved with maintenance, responding to maintenance incidents, and performing scheduled or unplanned maintenance on PV installation assets. Some of the main functions include:


  • Problem Log.
  • Initiate Job Card processing.
  • Monitor progress
  • Capture job card info
  • Complete Work Orders
  • Update material & costing info
  • Update PV installation info