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EDAMS CRM Applications 

EDAMS Licenses & Permits is a comprehensive Management Information System that deals with all the applications and licensing requests related directly or indirectly to applicants [Applications, Licensing, Regular/Irregular Inspections]. The system is used to not only satisfy applicant’s requests but to also monitor/assignment of employees to various tasks or approvals.

Best Practices

Build on Best Practices, the system comes with default applications workflows which can be de-activated, cloned to be modified and adjusted to the exact needs, create new ones, or group them under customized headings and many others.

Applications Designer

Fully Graphical Application Workflow Designer. Each application type consists of numerous activities which are linked together to ensure that no step of the process is forgotten.

To avoid building up very complex workflows, it is possible to nest sub-applications, into smaller workflows that can be called from the main.invoice etc.

Flexibility from simple to very complicate Applications.

Pre-build Customisable Activities

The system contains a comprehensive set of pre-build “activities” that can cover most facets of a Licensing/Permits /Inspections Department.

Extensive customization of every step is allowed:

  • Can setup custom or mandatory fields
  • Upload attachments
  • Print reports, send email to customer or other staff

Applications can be linked to create new applications or cloned.


    Integration to EDAMS 

    Pre-build Activities include integration to:

    • EDAMS-Billing for direct issuing of invoices & payments
    • EDAMS-Assets for creation and editing of Assets
    • GIS Integration for selection and graphical representation of activities & assets



      The system provides

      • Customisable Reporting mechanism for the issuing of permits and Licenses
      • Multitude of standard reports for monitoring the progress of Applications & Permits.

      Web Enabled

      EDAMS Licensing & Permits is fully web-enabled, allowing employees and customers to have easy access to all the functionality and fast deployment of the system.

      All Web enabled functionality is fully integrated to EDAMS-Web GIS incorporating customer selection and location mechanism.


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