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EDAMS Borehole Management 

EDAMS Groundwater Monitoring – Boreholes Management is a suite of specialised systems that use dedicated data structures and have been specifically designed and developed for Authorities involved in the operation, licensing and management of boreholes / wells / water abstraction.

Boreholes / Wells Management

Borehole information and attributes are maintained by the EDAMS Assets – Environment, Natural Resources & Hydrology system.

The system maintains detailed information on the physical characteristics and proxy pressures relating to groundwater and surface bodies.

Borehole Information kept include:

  • Engineering
  • Pump Details
  • Pump Tests
  • Lithology
  • Construction Events
  • Irrigated Plots
  • Logs

Water Quality Monitoring

EDAMS Water Quality Monitoring module (WQMS) brings you all the tools you need for fast and effective management of related environmental quality data.

It’s easy to use graphical interface and strong visual tools combined with its support for water quality monitoring business processes make it a uniquely powerful, yet intuitive, water quality management system.

Managing Abstraction License Applications

EDAMS Abstraction Licensing Applications Manager is a specialised CRM system that deals with the processing of all the applications and activities related directly or indirectly to abstraction licensing. It is specifically designed for Organisations that manage, process and/or approve Water Use Applications.


Each Application workflow can be linked to one specific report or more – usually the application form, a letter, a certificate – that should be printed at any stage of the application process or at the completion of it.

More than one report can be linked to a specific application workflow thus prompting user to choose the right one to preview and print.

Further to the operational reports, a number of statistical analysis reports with meaningful charts and graphs, GIS thematic maps and others can be prepared.