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 EDAMS Energy Trading

Designed to cater to all requirements related to the continuous Optimal Trading Operation of an Energy Producer and Retailer in the Energy Market.

Key Benefits

– Cost Optimal Energy Trading Operations, Balancing Supply and Demand
– Flexible Configuration of Regulations & Tariffs, PPA Agreements
– Cost Optimal FWM (Forward Market) and DAM (Day Ahead Market) Buy/Sell allocation
– Flexible Production Allocation for FWM trading

Day Ahead Market Model

Covers all requirements related to the continuous operation of the Electricity Market by a Utility that Produces and/ or Sells electricity.

Main components of this is the comparison of production with supply and performance of all required reconciliations, both energy (kWh) wise and monetary wise, relating to (a) market arrangements, (b) Supplier vs Producer contractual arrangements as well as the exchange of information with the System Operator.

The EDAMS-Energy Market Operation model allows for both the “Transitional Market” and the “Day Ahead Market”

In the future the “Intraday Market” model will be introduced.



Day Ahead Market – Parameterization (Registrations & Settings)

EDAMS-Energy Trading allows extensive parameterization and setup so that the system can be implemented with minimal customization.

User can Register All Market Participants, Third Parties, Producers, PV Parks & Owners.

Many System Parameters can be defined under Settings including communication protocols to Weather sites, Meter Data Management System (MMDS) , Market Operator, PV Parks meters/inverters etc.

Day Ahead Market – Bilateral Agreements

  • Bilateral Agreements are signed between the Supplier with the Producer for each Production unit specifying conditions of sale;
  • The system covers all types of PPA agreements
  • Typical agreements include:
  1. Condition of Purchase of electricity
  2. Authorisation to manage Producer’s relationship with System Operator
  3. Commission charges on production reimbursements by System Operator (if applicable)
  4. Method of Allocation of Supplier total Energy Sales to Producer
  5. Guarantees (if any) given with regard to Production levels & Sales

    Day Ahead Market – Consumption Forecast

    EDAMS-Energy Trading System interfaces with the EDAMS-MDMS (Metering Data Management system) that keeps detailed Consumption data per Customer.

    The system uses a variety of methods for forecasting  Consumption per existing Customer for the next day.

    For example:


    • for a specific holiday last year’s consumption pattern could be used
    • For a working Monday last week’s working Monday’s actual consumption could be used.

      Day Ahead Market – Production Forecast

      Production Forecast: Two methods are used for forecasting production, with the user interactively making desired choices for the day ahead.


      • EDAMS-Energy Trading System interfaces with the EDAMS-Operations-Production Analysis module that generates production patterns per production unit. Patterns of the previous days are displayed.
      • EDAMS-Energy Trading generates production for each day of the year per MW Solar Park Capacity based on (a) geographical location and (b) time of sunrise and sunset for a clear day.
      • Furthermore the system can make adjustments to the generated production as per expected percentage cloud cover, established through links to appropriate weather web-sites

      Day Ahead Market – Optimisation (Mass Balancing)

      The EDAMS Energy Trading system uses a Mass-Balancing Optimisation routine to assist the user in setting up operational rules of batteries (if available at a park or centrally) and generators (if the Utility employs a conventional plant to address production shortfalls) to reduce DAM deficit over the next day

      Day Ahead Market – D-1 Operations

      EDAMS-Energy Trading controls and automates all the daily D-1 operations and guides the operators through:


      • Forecasting & Balancing
      • Forward Market Submissions
      • Day Ahead Market Submissions
      • Balancing Energy Offers
      • Day Ahead Market Reconciliations
      • Market Schedule & Park Production Programmes

        Monthly Operations

        EDAMS-Energy Trading automates all the monthly operations and guides the operators through: 


        • RES Aggregator Settlements
        • OTC Contract settlements
        • Participant Market Operator Monthly Settlements

          Day Ahead Market – Interface to Market Management System

          EDAMS-Energy Trading maintains interfaces for each communication type to the Market Management System.

          The interface was developed through API protocols and the communication is seamless to the user.

          Every step is saved and can be exported also in xml format.

            User Interface & Audit Trail

            EDAMS-Energy Trading Main Operational Window provides access to information and displays daily application details all in one window.

            This enables easy access to information, a user-friendly environment for the user to work with and the ability to drill down to a specific application.

            All historical information and applications are maintained by the system and can be easily retrieved.

            The system uses filters through different types of information to which a daily operation is linked in order for applications with certain characteristics to be pinpointed.

                Daily Application Steps

                EDAMS-Energy Trading maintains a flexible application type designer. The Administrator can configure the system to allow for the specific daily workflow by assembling part or all the daily step operations.

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