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Energy Planning   

  • Purpose: To assist the Utility that Produces and/ or Sells electricity plan both in the medium and long-term with regard to Planning its Sales’ requirements and Production facilities.
  • Mass Balancing Model: The model is effectively a mass balancing model comparing forecasted Sales and Production and allowing the user make various assumptions with regard to the two as well as with regard to operating rules for any conventional generators, batteries the production facilities may have to minimize surpluses and deficits in production and to maximise profits.
  • Medium Term Planning: In the medium term it is assumed that production facilities, existing and forecasted are known). The user can quantify sales requirements to meet his expected production in the medium term. If the Utility has a list of “waiting” customers to be connected an optimization routine exists that can optimally choose which customers can be connected first and when for optimal mass balancing results
  • Long-term planning: In the long-term it is assumed that Sales requirements are known, based on existing customers and forecasted sales to ensure a healthy growth for the organization until it reaches various production capacity milestones. In the model the user is able to quantify additional production requirements to be planned for.

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