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Water / Audit Balancing

Designed for the effective Management, Monitoring and Auditing of District Metered Areas (DMA). It implements and automates all the best practices recommended by the International Water Association (IWA). Production, Consumption, Bulk meter flows and Infrastructure are linked to each other through DMAs automatically generated by the system enabling Water Balancing and a comprehensive Water Audit. In the case of real time readings, real-time mass balancing is enabled.

Key Benefits

– Effective NRW management, Top-Down and Bottom-Up approach
– Reduced Leakage, Commercial Losses, Waste, and Internal Leakage
– Quick Response to Leaks arising

EDAMS Distribution / NRW Management module

The main purpose of the system is to manage zones in order to improve inefficiencies, ensure proper service delivery (quantity and pressure), formulate conservation plans with the main objective of reducing non-revenue water (NRW) as well as ensure procedures and required reporting for compliance with regulations.

Main functions of the system include:

  • Real time leak detection
  • Water balancing
  • Water Audit
  • Detailed Leakage Analysis
  • Water Audit for Business Planning
  • Demand Analysis for Hydraulic Modelling

Distribution/NRW > Zoning Management

The EDAMS Network Asset Management – Zoning Manager is a tool that as part of an effective Asset Management program can assist the Utility in modelling, managing, monitoring and controlling their zones.

The system makes use of the zone manager to (a) allocate each connection through its geographical reference to a DMA/ Balancing area, (b) to automatically generate “equations” relating bulk meters to Balancing areas, (c) to perform demand projections per DMA.

Distribution/NRW > Allocation of Consumptions to Zones

One of the main features of the EDAMS system is that it uses for all its systems the same database and links/ relates all the data entities together.

For example, consumption meters are related to the network to specific pipes through GIS topology which are subsequently related to zones through the zone manager. This enables full demand management with functions such as Mass balancing and Water Auditing at zones.

Water Audit/Balancing – Inflow Record Analysis

Inflow records analysis can provide valuable insight into the DMA operation.

It can be used:

  • To identify bulk meter problems
  • To evaluate the telemetry or data logger records
  • To filter inflow outliers
  • To identify trends
  • To establish consumption patterns

Water Audit/Balancing – Active Leakage Monitoring – MNF Analysis

Continuous monitoring of night flows into water supply zones or district metered areas is an important operational tool for identifying water loss within a reticulation network.

The historical records of minimum night flow data gathered from the DMA inflow meters can be used to determine whether or not it is warranted to undertake an active leak detection survey within the DMA.

Historical trends of MNF can be very useful in many aspects as an indication for increase leakage or for prediction purposes or for the calculation of the economic level for addressing leakage.

Water Audit/Balancing – Active Leakage Monitoring

The concept of monitoring flows into zones, or district meter areas (DMAs), where bursts and leaks are unreported is now an internationally accepted and well-established technique to determine where leak location activities should be undertaken.

The analysis of leakage is based on the minimum night flow, which can be recorded and analysed continuously night after night with the use of data loggers or completely automated through EDAMS and the use of telemetry.

    Water Audit/Balancing – Active Leakage Monitoring – Pattern Flow Analysis

    The EDAMS Water Audit/Balancing module constructs consumption flow patterns per zone and utilizes these patterns to calculate in real time the balancing per zone and even make predictions for the expected flows.

    Non-Revenue Water > Active Leakage Management

    • Active Leakage Management is carried out per DMA;
    • Real-time mass balancing is available by comparing corrected telemetry readings from bulk meters with projected demand in the discrete bulk meter zone.
    • Demand is analysed in terms of its components and projected in time using demand distributions calculated by the system from stored historical distributions.
    • The module also can be used to raise an alarm, with user settings, signifying a burst pipe.

      Non-Revenue Water Management – Water Audit (Top / Down)

      Water Audit (Top/Down Approach) is made possible by comparing the supply and demand for a discrete bulk meter zone, i.e. a zone surrounded by bulk meters.

      Both supply and consumption flows are reduced to daily rates enabling mass balancing for any time period chosen, provided metering exists.

      Results are displayed in chosen format and all the IWA Performance Indicators are automatically calculated per zone.

      Water Audit/Balancing – Active Leakage Monitoring – MNF Analysis

      For each zone a composite graph is derived and analysis is carried out on the minimum night flow and the level of leakage and the relative volumes of background and burst volumes are estimated.

      The analysis of leakage is based on the minimum night flow, which can be recorded and analysed continuously night after night with the use of data loggers.

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