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EDAMS Dashboards & Management Reporting can publish reports in several formats including:

  • Dashboards: Create/ Customise or make use of hundreds of dashboards classified per department and organisational level.
  • Real Time Dashboards: Create/ Customise existing real-time dashboards to reflect logs on mapped elements or balancing on mapped zones.
  • GIS / Maps: Web-GIS Data publishing is enabled for online viewing, querying, locating, map production and reporting using styling, labelling, thematic maps, legends and printing.
  • Reports: Create/ Customise or make use of hundreds of predefined reports classified per department and organisational level.
  • Enquiries: Query your data through predefined dashboards for transaction based systems such Billing & CRM and maintenance management drilling down to individual connections and elements.

    Integration to third Party Systems

    EDAMS Dashboards and Management Reporting system analyses and prepares the data utilizing the EDAMS Integrated Data Model.

    The Management Reporting engine can link to any Utility third party Application Information system providing consolidated Reports.

    Quality Management – Evaluation & Improvement System

    EDAMS Dashboards and Management Reporting provides the main input for Quality ISO performance evaluation, including:

    • Nonconformity and Corrective Action: to address problems
    • Preventive Action: identifying potential failures
    • Internal audit: to be set up; be carried out regularly to establish conformity with standards adopted
    • Management Review


    EDAMS system comes with pre-customized dashboards classified per Department & Organisational level.

    Management Reports

    A set of standard Reports are designed for each business function.

    They are structured in such a way to satisfy operational, middle and senior management, Levels of Service and AM Evaluation & Improvement requirements.

    Management Reports – Setting Up

    Reports are assembled to Management Reporting Groups by the Administrator. Reporting Groups are related to EDAMS modules and are assigned to Departments.

    Performance Indicators

    Predefined Performance Indicators can be generated for each Business function and Service and consolidated overall –example of PI for Maintenance Management and Solar Park Performance