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EDAMS Billing & CRM

Designed to cater for the unique requirements of Utility Services Providers and Municipalities elevating vital management functionalities and their customers’ satisfaction rate of Utility Services Providers and Municipalities. Fully Functional Consolidated Commercial Web Enabled Management System for Revenue Management, Meter Management, Customer Services and Commercial planning.

Key Benefits

– Consolidated and Accurate Billing, Metering, Revenue and Debt management
– Commercial Planning, including Tariff Analysis and Planning
– Management insight
– Robust Database Structure (connections, properties, tenants, owners, customers)
– Enforced Processes, Structure, and Discipline
– Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency Comprehensive Customer Relationship Life Cycle
– Advanced Customer Services and Customer Experience
– Addresses Commercial Losses (faulty meters, illegal connections, database integrity problems) resulting in increased revenues


The EDAMS – Enquiries module provides a quick way to browse to all related entities of a customer like personal details, properties linked to, connection and meters installed, history of meter, readings, plot, charges, payments, financial adjustments, refunds, deposits, monthly bills, debt management history, customer application history.


EDAMS CRM is a comprehensive customer services system that deals with all the applications and activities related directly or indirectly to customers [Applications, Financial, Maintenance]. It is a preconfigured CRM solution with extensive and customisable functionalities used to not only satisfy customer requests but to also satisfy interdepartmental maintenance and finance requests.


The Receipting module of EDAMS Billing & Customer Information system is used to account for all the incoming payments of a Utility or a Municipality.

The module deals with the recording of payments made by customers in cash, cheque or credit card, the balancing of each cash point at the end of each day, the preparation of the deposit slips for the bank, post payments to customers’ accounts produce numerous reconciliation, statistical or detail reports.

Debt Management

The Debt Management module is a management tool which allows the Utilities or Municipalities to setup their debt management policies no matter how complex they are. Once these are setup the Debt Management module can be used to carry out the Debt Management cycle, manage any debt rescheduling agreements with customers, execute debt or aging analysis and generate reports for management.

EDAMS Billing & CRM - Debt Management


The Billing module is used to generate all charges of the various services supported by the system and grouped them into bills which includes any payments and financial adjustments made during the period.

Meter Reading

The Meter Reading module is used to manage meter reading activities for Utilities. This module upholds meter reading management by storing, processing and analysing meter reading data for Water or Electricity.

Field Work Management

  • Servicing a customer fast and effectively is always a big challenge all Utilities come across; FWM works seamlessly with the EDAMS Billing and CRM system. Commercial officers can assign various tasks to Field Staff easily with a press of a button.
  • No need for the Field Staff to visit the office to collect any paperwork with the tasks of the day.
  • Field Staff will receive an alert on their tablet screen as well (optionally) an SMS to notify them for the new assignment – read details, complete feedback, and submit.
  • Feedback will update online the EDAMS Billing and CRM system.
  • Field Staff can receive and process customer’s Applications, internal tasks (initiated internally) and perform Disconnections / Reconnections sourcing from Debt Management activities.

Commercial Data Evaluation (CDE)

The EDAMS-CDE module identifies and highlights suspect readings as well as prepares a meter replacement program based on various findings. Commercial Data Evaluation focuses on understanding the errors in the commercial database and produces key exception reports that can be used to correct these problems.

Commercial Data Validation (CDV)

The EDAMS-CDV module uses a temporary database and enables the analysis and verification of all data collected; it has 2-way interface with both the Data Capture Interface (on mini-tablets) and the Billing system used by the Utility. Enables automated matching of records and updating of the Billing database using predefined authorization codes. Further to matched records reconciliation the system identifies: Illegal connections, Prospective customers (in field database), duplicate records, erroneous records and unknown records (in billing database).

Price / Tariff Analysis

Through the use of forecasting scenarios, the EDAMS Price Analysis and Conservation Planning Module helps the utility predict and avoid the detrimental financial impact caused by reduced demand and spiralling operational costs. Any number of scenarios can be simulated in order to quantify the effects of alternative tariff structures on future revenues.

Management Reporting

All types of reporting (Crystal Report Templates, Queries, Thematic maps, Audit trail & Dashboards) are available and covers financial, operational, performance, budgets and engineering.