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EDAMS Network Analysis  

The EDAMS Network Analysis applications operate as stand-alone products or in conjunction with the EDAMS Network Asset Management and EDAMS Asset Management Planning (AMP) systems and facilitates the evaluation, design, planning and analysis (both static and dynamic) of different types of networks.

Water / Sewer Network Analysis – Purpose

A fully-functional Hydraulic Modeling system for the accurate evaluation of water & sewage networks offering full analysis functionality with flexible visualisation, GIS and CAD database access, and powerful digital terrain modelling

Hydraulic Modeling is needed for comprising:

  • Upgrading Plan: Optimising infrastructure performance issues; stabilizing pressures; design of District Management Areas (DMA)
  • DMA implementation plan and commissioning
  • Emergency Response Plan: contamination, large leaks, breakdowns, etc.
  • Shutdown & Outage Management Plan: for maintenance works or intermittent supply for demand conservation purposes.
  • Master Plan (CAPEX)

Water / Sewer Network Analysis – UPGRADING PLAN

  • The Upgrading Plan addresses infrastructure performance issues ensuring proper service delivery under present conditions for the present supply area.
  • Costs of implementing an upgrading plan are usually minimal compared to usual capital expansion plans
  • The main outputs of the Upgrading Plan:
    1. Proposes re-zoning for with optimal pressure levels and variations
    2. Results in a distribution network performing at its maximum possible performance level
    3. Reduces electricity costs
    4. Quantifies pipe sizes in case of replacement
    5. Reduces leakage as a result of decommissioning unnecessary parts of the network
    6. Reduces leakage as a result of better pressure distribution
    7. Provides a solid basis for capital expansion of the network

Water Network Analysis – Design Standards

EDAMS Network Analysis uses design standards as guidelines against which to evaluate calculations and analysis.

The organisation’s design standards, relevant to network management, are entered into the system for calibration of the specific conditions found in the water network.

Water Network Analysis – Rule Based Controls

EDAMS Network Analysis provides an intuitive user interface that allows the definition and combination of multiple advanced conditions and action clauses. Thematic maps allow the ‘real time’ highlighting of the controls as they come in to effect during the simulation.

Zoning, Schematics and Skeletonisation

One of the main features of the EDAMS Network Asset Management is the EDAMS Network Modeler module and its seamless interface to the EDAMS Network Analysis system.

The EDAMS Network Modeler analyses the network, identifies and monitors all the zones and seamlessly forwards the zone information or combination of them with all their associated objects and attributes to the EDAMS Network Analysis system for further analysis.

Analysis Types

EDAMS Network Analysis lets you easily and accurately model a network of any size and complexity under any scenario. The EDAMS suite of models combines the EPANET engine together with a multitude of engineering and optimisation routines developed over the last 20 years.

EPANET is the most widely used engine world-wide provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Available types of analysis include:

  • Steady State
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Fire Rating Curves
  • Extended Simulation
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Quality Simulation
  • Energy Management
  • Demands Scenarios Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Calibration & Leak Detection Analysis

Viewing Results / Reporting

EDAMS Network Analysis employs a multitude of ways to present and analyse the results including (a) views (b) Zoning Analysis tools (c) Reports (d) Longitudinal Profiles (e) Thematic Maps etc..

Sewer Network Analysis

EDAMS Network Analysis-Sewer can import a network model including element attributes, created by one of the EDAMS programs, Network Asset Management (the Assets Network Model). This model can be imported, as a whole, or in selected parts.

Any remaining data needed to complete the model – the attributes of manholes and sewers – is entered in dialogs provided by EDAMS Network Analysis-Sewer. Alternatively, the user can build manually or import the network from other sources i.e. ASCII files.

EDAMS Sewer Network Analysis allows the user to easily design a new network or evaluate a proposed network using different conditions & load sets.

One or more sets can be imported from the EDAMS NAM – Demand Management module, i.e. one set of loads can be calculated as a percentage of the consumption of plots and the other as a percentage of consumption of node areas.

Sewer Network Analysis – Evaluation

EDAMS Sewer Network Analysis employs unique methodology and classifies sewers as

  • Accepted
  • Design pipe
  • Undersized pipe
  • Find proposed pipe from library
  • Non – critical data – missing diameter
  • Critical data – missing diameter
  • Non – critical data – missing slope
  • Critical data – missing slope
  • Non – critical missing slope & diameter
  • Critical data – missing slope & diameter