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EDAMS Maintenance Management (MMS) 

Design incorporates Best Business Practices, covering all facets of Maintenance Management for Utilities with Infrastructure of Networks and Facility Plants, including all types of services provided by the provider – Water, Sewer, Electricity, Environment, Roads & Pavements, Properties and Buildings, Health, and many others.

Key Benefits

– Reduced Downtime, Lower Salary, and Wages Costs
– Effective Decision Support System
– Immediate Response to Problems
– Preventive and Proactive Routine Approach
– Reduced Operating Cost through focused condition assessment and preventive maintenance actions using optimal resources
– Reduced Risk of Failure, Increased Resilience and Reliability of the Supply
– Abridged Breakdowns and Service Disruptions
– Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency
– Improved Customer Satisfaction Level

Call Centre Module

EDAMS – Call Centre module integrates seamlessly call centre functionality to work order management, scheduling, dispatch functionality and real-time monitoring. The module can also be implemented as a standalone solution.

It makes reality end-to-end business process integration from call centre to field team.

Industry Specific Maintenance Activities

EDAMS MMS is configured with predefined lists of Maintenance Activities that reflect the industry’s best practices.

Developed specifically for Utilities with infrastructure of Networks Facilities & Plants.

Includes: Data Libraries, Specialized maintenance activities and Best practices (procedures) User friendly Automation & Integration of facility activities

Complaints Management

EDAMS-MMS enables call centres to directly initiate investigations, record results and instigate work orders with scheduling of manpower and support services.

Customers can receive automated or ad-hoc feedback on the progress of the problem via email or sms.

  • Fast and efficient recording of complaints
  • Automated link of calls to Utility’s customers
  • Web based thin client user interface

Scheduling, Workflows & Business Processes

EDAMS-MMS includes:

  • Optimization of day-to-day operations
  • Initiation of Emergency work orders
  • Tracking of job resources, including personnel and equipment.
  • Management of job logs and interface with timekeeping or utilization.
  • Tracking equipment and tools usage data.

Work Order Management

Work order management involves the grouping of maintenance activities, allocation of resources, scheduling of work orders and monitoring the execution of the maintenance activities, as well as feedback to the originator of the original request.

Some of the main functions include:

  1. Customizable Command & Control Center Functionality
  2. Job Tracking
  3. Comprehensive and Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  4. Update Network Assets info

Maintenance Programs

EDAMS MMS can schedule Preventive, Proactive and Routine maintenance programs optimising and maintaining the reliability of a utility, where:

Preventive Maintenance Activities use statistical information calculated by the system, which help to reduce the downtime of elements by ensuring timely action on them.

Proactive Maintenance Activities enable you to do maintenance on assets in advance rather than reacting to defects.

Routine Maintenance Activities enable the scheduling of routine maintenance work in a systematic way. This includes the regular inspection, cleaning or maintenance of assets.

Field Operations

The EDAMS Maintenance Management Web module is an integrated, and customer-focused solution for optimizing remote maintenance and field service operations. The module publishes on the Web many of the components of the EDAMS Maintenance Management system, including the call centre functions, work order management, scheduling and dispatch functionality and workflow, real-time monitoring capabilities and reporting.

Maintenance Records Management (History)

EDAMS Maintenance Management allows to easily track and view all the historical maintenance records associated to assets. All maintenance records, from customer complaints, investigations and scheduled job cards can be displayed in various formats (Calendar, lists) and related to the assets.

Analytical Tools

The EDAMS Maintenance Management Analysis module is a set of tools that provides to the user the flexibility to analyse further the data and initiate reliability-centered (RCM) and risk-based maintenance.

The tools include:

  1. Performance Analysis & Reports
  2. Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  3. Reliability Analysis
  4. Budgeting
  5. MS Project Interface

Management Reporting

EDAMS Maintenance Management comes with a rich library of Management reports, Adhoc queries and thematic maps.