EDAMS Solar Park Asset Management

EDAMS Solar Park Asset Management provides all the Maintenance and Operation functionality required by PV Park Owners & Operators for the proper management of Solar Parks.

The system enables Park Operators to manage, track, and control all asset-related information and business processes throughout the complete asset life cycle. EDAMS AM can help Park Owners & Operators reduce asset operations and maintenance costs and it provides an efficient mechanism to manage assets from design, construction or acquisition through to retirement.

Technical Asset Register – Data Management

The system assists in the compilation of a validated asset register with geographical reference, stored in a robust database, important for the purposes of Operations, Maintenance, Asset and Operations Management.

Technical Asset Register – Data Acquisition & Structuring

Asset register information kept in terms of elements their attributes and their hierarchical structure.

Powerful data conversion and structuring facilities make it easy to convert data from various sources and attach engineering intelligence to improve engineering integrity.

Element libraries simplify and enforce disciplined capturing of all relevant properties so they can be used for maintenance, analysis and asset management purposes.

Maintenance Management

EDAMS Maintenance Management (MMS) enables the improvement of productivity and efficiency of the maintenance function, the improvement of service delivery (less breakdown time) and the collection of Maintenance records/ failure records for condition assessment purposes.

The system covers all facets of maintenance management, including routine, proactive and preventive maintenance.

Addresses People, Processes and Systems to enable industry specific best practices in all aspects including Operations/ Reactive/ Routine/ Preventive and Proactive with Reliability-driven maintenance programs.

Asset Valuation & Condition Assessment

The system enables a realistic calculation of asset Current value for Financial and Asset Management purposes.

EDAMS Asset Management Planning (AMP) module applies Reliability Centered Asset Management Methodology (RCAM) that combines the condition and importance of each asset to determine Risk of failure that in turn corresponds to a different AM approach such as: Corrective Maintenance, Extended Time-Based Maintenance, Time-based maintenance, Asset Refurbishment and Asset Replacement.

Rehabilitation Planning

EDAMS- Asset Management Planning (AMP) assists the user in analyzing and understanding the results (Prioritization Lists) arising from Risk Assessment before proceeding with finalizing the Rehabilitation Plan; the rehabilitation plan being a list of activities over different time frames for asset replacement or repair within budgetary constraints.

Management Reporting

Web-enabled Management Dashboards provide easy access to relevant information at all management levels. Dashboards are available at Operator, Supervisor, Departmental Manager and Senior Management levels. Senior Management can view production performance indicators per solar park or even compare performance of different parks.

Field Work Management

All aspects of EDAMS Maintenance Management system are published, including work order management, scheduling and dispatch functionality and workflow, real-time monitoring capabilities and reporting. The solution is intended to the PV Park Operator’s Maintenance branches/sections and the field crews involved with Park maintenance, responding to maintenance incidents, and performing scheduled or unplanned maintenance on park assets.