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EDAMS Natural Resources – GIS & Data Management 


EDAMS Natural Resources is a specialised Assets and environment Resources register system that uses dedicated network data structures that have been specifically designed and developed for Environmental Government Authorities.  EDAMS Natural Resources GIS Registry powerful data structuring facilities make it easy to attach engineering intelligence to network topology data and improve its engineering integrity.  Its structure enforces disciplined capturing of all relevant properties of Natural Resources components so they can be used for maintenance, analysis and management reporting purposes.

Data Model

EDAMS Natural Resources Registry covers the full spectrum of surface water hydrology elements encompassing surface waters including overland flows, rivers, lakes, wetlands etc. and physical characteristics and proxy pressures relating to groundwater bodies.

Embedded GIS Integration

Fully integrated with leading Geographical Information Systems (GIS), it transforms it into a true network data modelling system through the association of element topology and network data.


  • The EDAMS GIS Interface offers the EDAMS user a cost effective and efficient solution by providing links to the most popular GIS systems, such as ArcGIS Desktop / Server, Quantum GIS (QGIS), SuperMap and further provides seamless GIS integration for all EDAMS Systems.
  • EDAMS products can alternatively use EDAMS own GIS interface development which provides EDAMS clients with a GIS solution of basic viewing and editing functionality.

Land Information System (LIS) Support

EDAMS-LIS support brings together information from the Deeds Office (Owner’s details), Surveyor General (Cadastal), Townplanning (Properties) and Municipal Services (Infrastructure). It includes:

  • Townplanning Model
  • Location Referencing System
  • Integration of Departmental Datasets
  • Reconciliation mechanism of datasets

Hydrological Referencing

An important issue in Water Resources is the referencing of the various elements / water bodies. The referencing system satisfies multiple criteria including:

  • Reporting to other Authorities / Government Bodies
  • Internal classification systems
  • Geographical / Townplanning reference

Powerful Selection Mechanism

Hydrological elements and monitoring stations can be in the thousands. EDAMS Natural Resources/GIS Registry incorporates a powerful search and selection mechanism for selecting datasets. Selection Criteria include:

  • Geographical Criteria: District, Sub-District
  • Hydrological Area Criteria: Hydrological Region, Catchment, Sub-Catchment
  • River Basin Management Plans: The RBMP the element belongs to
  • Monitoring Programs: Selection of a Program that the Element is being monitored
  • Element Groups: Selection of a group of elements that it belongs to
  • Other Hydrological Groups

Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC (WFD) is a European Union (EU) directive which commits European Union member states to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies.

EDAMS Hydrometry has embedded the Water Framework Directive-Reporting requirements as documented according to the latest Guidance documents (WFD CIS Guidance Document No.9), therefore can provide the Management Reporting required for regular reporting according to WFD requirements.

    Catchment Management

    Catchment Management with analysis and structuring of the Catchment / River Basin data.

    Evaluation of connectivity data for proper catchment delineation, hydrograph routing and subsequent flood analysis.

    Engineering Analysis

    Enhanced Hydrological Engineering Analysis support for the full HEC suite including:

    • HEC-HMS
    • HEC-GeoRAS
    • HEC-FDA
    • HEC-DSSVue
    • HEC-SSP