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Utility Gis & Data Management 

EDAMS Data Management is a industry specific Asset register and network infrastructure management system that uses:

  • Dedicated network data structures and element libraries
  • Functionality to evaluate connectivity and data correctness
  • Functionality to publish and share data

Municipal Services – Data Model

The system has extensive data models for all the Assets in the Municipal Services as well as any other fixed assets the Municipality might have.

Municipal Services may include but not limited to Water, Sewer, Drainage, Electricity, Transportation, Waste Collection and Properties.

Integration to GIS

Fully integrated with leading Graphical Information Systems (GIS), it transforms it into a true network data modelling system through the association of element topology and zoning characteristics to network data.

The system incorporates various GIS mechanisms including:

  • GIS-Interface: seamless GIS integration for all EDAMS Systems and basic GIS viewing and editing functionality.
  • GIS-REP: GIS Reporting Manager: Viewing / querying / reporting on numerical and GIS data, including thematic mapping, relations, labelling, etc.

Data Acquisition & Conversion

EDAMS Network Data Management’s powerful data conversion and structuring facilities make it easy to convert data from various sources and attach engineering intelligence to network data and improve its engineering integrity.

Its element libraries simplify and enforce disciplined capturing of all relevant properties of network components so they can be used for maintenance, analysis and asset management purposes.


  • Disconnected networks
  • Network element graphical representation
  • Missing attributes

To Consolidated Asset Registry

Network Data Analysis & Evaluation

Data cleaning is streamlined and automated, with missing attribute data, connectivity or topological violations and suspect engineering zones highlighted as exceptions.

The system evaluates the network data (as per their Attributes, Connectivity data and Design & Planning) and provides a list of exceptions according to the validation rules and business logic that can be investigated and corrected by the Utility through field investigations or desktop editing.

The system ensures that the exceptions are classified intelligently to allow the user to focus on critical problems.

EDAMS-LIS (Land Information System)

EDAMS-LIS brings together information from the Deeds Office (Owner’s details), Valuations, Surveyor General (Cadastal), Townplanning (Properties) and Municipal Services (Infrastructure).

GIS-LIS: Land Information System[GIS-based system to manage and maintain Land parcel information, including town planning data (land parcel, plot, building, property) for administering property assets.

Hierarchical Structure

The system provides functionality to present the network and its data based on inheritance and functional dependencies in a tree form and schematics.

Facilities Management

Plant Maintenance hierarchy: In the case of Plant Maintenance the system is able to relate the data hierarchically with two methods, i.e.: (a) in a tree structure and (b) in a schematics layout for quick and easy component identification.

Asset Types / Components Library

Custom Elements: The system allows the creation and generation of custom elements to capture their attributes and monitor their maintenance.

Asset Libraries

The system is developed specifically for Municipalities with extensive network element libraries for all main elements, such as pipes, pumps, etc. covering all required information.

Custom Elements & Attributes

Utilities can easily expand the system to include their own custom elements with user definable custom attributes and libraries.

Projects Register

EDAMS Projects Register relates network assets to rehabilitation and upgrading projects and communicates such information to Project Information Management Systems.

The Projects Management module of EDAMS Network Data Management achieves the following objectives:

  • Effective management of completed projects under the existing asset register.
  • Registering of planned assets under rehabilitation and expansion projects.
  • Effective reporting of project data to Project Information Management Systems.

Linking to Financial Asset Registry

The Technical Asset register is the primary register for the Infrastructure. The Financial Asset register (part of the Municipalitiy’s Financial system) keeps information on the Assets mainly for the purposes of depreciation.

The EDAMS Network Data Management through its Technical Asset Register is able to export information in a format suitable for the Financial Asset Register. Furthermore, it can distinguish whether the assets kept are commissioned or WIP (Work in Progress).

Publishing the Asset Registry

Data publishing: The system has provision to publish data on the web and enable on-line viewing, querying, locating, map production and reporting using styling, labelling, thematic maps, legends and printing. It is a high-quality solution for online access to the Assets database.

It supports:

  • Spatial images/Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
  • Creation of users & profiles
  • Map Content / Navigation / Overview / Legend / Labelling / Thematic maps / Spatial Queries
  • Printing / Magnifier / Measurements / Attribute tables