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EDAMS Asset Management 


Designed to cater for the unique requirements of Utility Service Providers and Municipalities. Covers the Entire Life Cycle of Assets with the purpose of Monitoring, Operating, Maintaining, Upgrading, Rehabilitating, and Disposing/ Replacing Assets Cost-Effectively, while Maintaining a Desired Level of Service, Enhancing Resilience, Affordability and Sustainability.

Key Benefits

– Creates and Maintains Reliable Industry Specific Asset Register
– Addresses Ageing Infrastructure, Enabling Financing
– Non-Revenue Water Reduction
– Cost-Optimal Infrastructure Upgrading
– Proactive and Preventive Maintenance
– Minimum Cost of Asset Ownership
– Reduced Electricity Pumping Costs
– Improved Service Delivery
– Enhanced Utility Profile, Compliance, and Transparency
– Elevated Customer Service and Customer Experience