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The range of EDAMS Management Systems seamlessly integrates the commercial, technical and planning functions of the Municipality/ Utility/Solar Industry – on both transaction and data levels – and together with Financial and Human Resource Management systems, provides the modern Municipality/ Utility with a coherent complete enterprise system solution. Although the implementation of I.T. does not always accompany institutional strengthening studies, it is advisable to do so, as industry specific I.T. will (1) enforce “best-practice” business practices, (2) provide a platform for managing and operating all departments, (3) provide a platform for proper lifecycle management of Utility assets, (4) provide proper management reporting, (5) assist in improving data quality through evaluation and help in the validation of both commercial and network data.


An integrated web enabled commercial management system specifically designed for Utilities. It covers all facets of Metering management, Billing and Revenue management and Customer Relations as well as commercial planning such Meter valuation and validation and Tariff/ Revenue analysis.

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The EDAMS Asset Management Systems cover the Entire Life Cycle of Assets with the purpose of monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading/ rehabilitating and disposing/ replacing assets cost-effectively, while maintaining a desired level of service.

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Covers a multitude of industry specific operational requirements that deal with specific processes with the purpose of ensuring quick response, efficiency and productivity and optimal asset performance. Includes Energy Market Operations.

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A Comprehensive CRM system that enables the building of business processes to address applications and licensing requests related directly or indirectly to Customers with regard to a specific element (product, property or other). Includes maintenance/ operation of both customer and element.

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Adds value to the Utility’s Quality monitoring program, effectively dealing with the acquisition, management, monitoring, analysis, reporting and publishing of quality data. Analyses data geographically and historically.

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Allows you to Explore, Visualise and Report at desired level (operational, supervisory, departmental, managerial) all Organisation’s data through Dashboards, Maps, reports and queries.

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