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EDAMS Products are innovative, objective based solutions, committed to solving infrastructure asset intensive organizational challenges – Utilities, Municipalities, Government Environmental Depts – aimed at achieving your objectives.

Capitalizing on decades of practical experience, we embedded vast knowledge to a range of industry specific cost efficient software, effectively enhancing productivity and performance.

Our distinctive approach and expertise in implementation & support ensures a trouble-free, quick, and non-disruptive organisation transformation and operation, ensuring your decision to invest is rewarding without any risk.

Much of EDAMS Technology can be used as stand alone or in combination to achieve compound benefits.

 In 5 Vertical Industries

Water & Sanitation | Municipalities | Government
Solar Energy | Electricity Distribution

 In 3 Diverse Regions

Europe | Middle East & North Africa | Southern Africa

 > 245 Utilities
> 1150 Active Users
> 45m Population Covered | End Users
> 8.5 m Billing Connections
> 70,000 Km Networks in EDAMS AM
> 2.2m Job Cards in EDAMS MMS
> 2400 | Engineering Zones in EDAMS AM

> Key Benefits

  • Cost Optimization and Reduction of Losses
  • Improves Resources allocation, Productivity and Performance
  • Ensures Cost Efficiency, Resilience, and Sustainability
  • Addresses Ageing Infrastructure and Enables Financing
  • Improves Service Delivery, Client Experiences and Needs
  • Allows Competitive Rates to Clients
  • Corporate Social Responsibility participation
  • Transparency and good Governance
  • Raise Organization’s Profile, Image, Societies perception

> Main Features

– Integrates Commercial, Technical and Financial functions
– Incorporates industry Standards, Best Business Practices and Procedures
– Enables Demand Management such as Non-Revenue-Water analysis and Energy Balancing
– Extensively Functional and Parametrized, Encompasses Interdepartmental Workflows avoiding Data Duplication
– Supported by Business Intelligence with predefined and user definable Dashboards and Management Reports (graphical & numerical)

> Advanced Features

– User friendly supporting latest ICT advances
– Modular enabling phased implementation, distributed and scalable system architecture
– Numerical Database: supports the latest versions of both Oracle and Microsoft SQL, includes:

    1. Backup and data recovery
    2. Audit trails
    3. Data protection mechanisms and
    4. Master data dictionaries

– Integration: employing single EDAMS database and have open interfaces with traditional ERP systems
– Flexible System configuration and administration
– Authorisation Control: parameterizable user access rights to all system functions
– System Maintenance through a set of tools for addressing inconsistencies, synchronization, repairs, merging, etc.
– Combination of mostly Web-Based and limited desktop functions for best overall performance and efficiency
– GIS: Own GIS system at no extra cost to users. Optional integration modules with ESRI, QGIS and SuperMap
– Land Information System (LIS)
– Asset Location Referencing system (LRS)

> Added Value

– Formal Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
– User Manuals and an online Help facility
– RSIM (Rapid System Implementation Method) ensuring trouble-free, quick and non-disruptive organisation transformation
– Well-documented training courses with training manuals. Advanced certification courses to enable Client internal 1st level support
– Well documented Standards and Procedures based on best practices and relevant regulations
– Industry specific Field work Management using pre-defined templates
– Software Maintenance agreements provide free regular upgrades and free Remote support
– Additional support and capacity building services are offered as required by Clients


An integrated web enabled commercial management system specifically designed for Utilities. It covers all facets of Metering management, Billing and Revenue management and Customer Relations as well as commercial planning such Meter valuation and validation and Tariff/ Revenue analysis.

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The EDAMS Asset Management Systems cover the Entire Life Cycle of Assets with the purpose of monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading/ rehabilitating and disposing/ replacing assets cost-effectively, while maintaining a desired level of service.

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Covers a multitude of industry specific operational requirements that deal with specific processes with the purpose of ensuring quick response, efficiency and productivity and optimal asset performance. Includes Energy Market Operations.

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A Comprehensive CRM system that enables the building of business processes to address applications and licensing requests related directly or indirectly to Customers with regard to a specific element (product, property or other). Includes maintenance/ operation of both customer and element.

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The EDAMS Management Systems have a dedicated data structure that has been specifically designed to address the realities facing Utilities/ Municipalities.

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Adds value to the Utility’s Quality monitoring program, effectively dealing with the acquisition, management, monitoring, analysis, reporting and publishing of quality data. Analyses data geographically and historically.

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Allows you to Explore, Visualise and Report at desired level (operational, supervisory, departmental, managerial) all Organisation’s data through Dashboards, Maps, reports and queries.

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