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> Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac and Belgrade, Serbia

Location: Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac and Belgrade, Serbia

Industry: Water & Sanitation

Products: Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Quality Monitoring

> Systems Implemented

This project is part of the 3rd phase of the KFW funding, and was executed by EDAMS in collaboration with our partner BerlinWasser. The overall aim of the project was to achieve better operational and commercial efficiency and help the Water Utilities to become self financed.

This project was different from other institutional projects as it did not only include revisiting of business processes and procedures but also included the implementation of operational integrated management information systems and the compilation and validation of comprehensive technical and commercial databases.

The main component of the project targeted the strengthening of the technical services of the Utilities so that the Departments become capable to:

  • Ensure the sustainability of a reliable network asset register and the provision of both operational and management reports; the asset register will also form the basis of a planned Repairs & Maintenance (R&M) information system.
  • Provide output to be used in conservation planning with the main objective of reducing un-accounted for water (UFW) and as an input to network optimisation, being considered a necessary step towards future infrastructure planning.
  • In effect, it is considered that the Technical Departments have a considerable impact in increasing revenues, reducing operational expenditure and reducing capital expenditure for future expansion.

The transformation of the Technical Services of the Utilities included interventions in three areas:

  • IT solutions: The implementation of IT systems with respect to Network Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Non-Revenue Water reduction and Information
  • Data Quality: The improvement of data quality for both commercial and network data.
  • Institutional Strengthening activities with emphasis on Problem Analysis, Priorities for Change, Business Processes, Training and Action Plans formulation & implementation.