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Location: South Africa

Industry: Water & Sanitation

Products: Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Quality Monitoring

> Systems Implemented

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has implemented an Integrated GIS, MIS, O&M, Call Centre and network analysis system for the water supply and sewer distribution systems.

The Municipality through the establishment of the MIS – Technical unit (MISt) (a) has completed a comprehensive asset registry for the Water and Sewer Departments (b) Provides skilled persons that can carry out the various tasks (c) Provides additional assistance and support for Water and Sanitation Management System.

A dedicated team of EDAMS engineers is assisting the Engineering and Infrastructure Directorate in various tasks so that all the required deliverables and Management Reports are produced regularly. The main function of the Unit is to ensure the sustainability of a reliable network asset register and the provision of both operational and management reports; the asset register forms the platform for the support of the overall organisation in terms of Asset Management information services.