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EDAMS – Municipalities 

A solution that supports additional municipal services such as: buildings, structures, parks and public facilities, roads and pavement management, solid waste and stormwater management as well as licensing and permits.

Software Overview

The EDAMS systems cover the core business functions of the Utility, those of Commercial Management, Licensing & Permits, Operations Management, Maintenance Management and Planning functions.

Together with a Financial Management system and a suitable Telemetry system the EDAMS systems provide the modern Utility with a coherent enterprise management solution.

Integration is enabled on a database level, business process and transaction levels avoiding data duplication and enabling demand management.

EDAMS products have their own embedded GIS but also provide direct links to ESRI ArcGIS, Quantum GIS (QGIS) and SuperMap GIS.

The EDAMS system is a modular system allowing it scalable implementation to suit the growth and capacity enhancement of the organisation.

  Accurate Technical Asset Register including all municipal services such as: electricity, buildings, structures, parks & public facilities, roads & pavements, solid waste, sanitary / stormwater and water supply management.
  Accurate Billing, consumption metering, revenue and debt management and commercial planning.
  Improved Customer Services
  More effective outage, emergency & crisis management
  Effective proactive and preventive maintenance
  Improved productivity and efficiency in operations & maintenance
  Increased asset effective life
  Improved Service delivery
  Increased revenues, reduced losses, reduced energy costs
  Data and evidence-based management decisions
  Higher creditworthiness
  Enhanced compliance and transparency