EDAMS offers Business Solutions to specific industry sectors. Utilities, Municipalities and Government Environmental departments..


The EDAMS range of management systems covers the commercial, technical and planning functions of the Utility, and seamlessly integrates with SCADA, GIS and ERP to provide a coherent enterprise system solution for the modern Utility.

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Integrated Management Information System to address all business requirements of Photovoltaic Parks with regard to the production and selling of Electricity created from Solar Power as well as the proper management of all of its assets.

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Our range of management systems cover technical, commercial & planning functions of Electricity Authorities. It seamlessly integrates with SCADA, GIS & ERP to provide a coherent enterprise system solution for the modern Electricity Authoritiy.

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Our solutions support the full set of services in the municipal domain such as electricity, buildings, structures, parks & public facilities, roads & pavement management, solid waste (SWM), sanitary / stormwater and water supply management.

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Our Environmental Management system is ideal for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Ministries. It manages Geospatial Info, time-series measurements, licenses, permits, applications as well as quality data for water, ground & air.

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