Hydro-Comp participated in the 2021 IWA International Strategic Asset Management (SAM) Forum in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference included many world known Moderators, Speakers and Panellists in the field of Utility Asset Management.

The paper presented by Dr. P. Kolovopoulos was entitled “AM Information Systems for Utilities within the ISO 55001 framework”. The paper discussed the EDAMS solutions within the framework of the new ISO 55001– SAMP Guidelines. Hydro-Comp has developed a PROCEDURE for transforming the Utility, a MANUAL framework for Utility AM practices and the EDAMS TOOLS the Utility needs to carry out effective and sustainable Asset Management within the framework of the Standards.

The recent results achieved in the South Eastern Europe Asset Management (SEEAM) project(www.seeam.eu) were also presented by GiZ Project Manager Dr.Georgi Hristov under the session “AM Implementation Experiences and Long-term Investment Planning”.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMjG-8gdXdQ