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> Governorates of Fayoum, Beni-Suef and Al Minia

Location: Egypt

Industry: Water & Sanitation

Product: Billing & CRM

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Implementation of Billing & CRM in 3 Governorates in Egypt

EDAMS has been operating in Egypt since 2002. It has successfully implemented Billing and CRM systems in the Governorates of Fayoum, Beni-Suef and Al Minia. Recent audits showed that the 3 Governorates improved dramatically their customer service and revenues both as an immediate result of implementation of the EDAMS systems and as further improvement thereafter as reflected in the table below.

Note that Revenues increased on average by 74% immediately after implementation of the systems and over eight years increased over 5 times despite the fact that tariff increases were less than double over the same period.

Many governorates in Egypt face similar problems as the three Governorates in Middle Egypt and EDAMS can play an important role in the rehabilitation of the water service provision as part of the newly launched initiative by the Ministry to reduce subsidies and introduce PPP projects.