EDAMS Maintenance Management System is receiving a major upgrade. The new version of EDAMS-MMS is based on our powerful EDAMS-CRM engine that provides the flexibility to organizations to define maintenance workflows with any level of complexity that can meet all the needs of Utilities.

The system comes with a wealth of new features including standard workflows which can be de-activated, cloned, grouped, or modified to the exact needs. Maintenance tasks are now fully parametric. Data Access and authorizations are controlled per maintenance step. Applications or notices can be communicated to affected customers by e-mail/SMS. Employees can be assigned to each Maintenance step so that they receive notification to act. Each task can be traced at any stage after posting through a powerful search engine.

The new version of EDAMS-MMS is fully web enabled. The system is going through final beta stage with the final version to be released in September 2021.