EDAMS Technology | a division of Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of the EDAMS Field Meter Reading (eFMR) software as part of the EDAMS Field Work Management suite of systems.

Larnaca Water Board (LWB) in Cyprus, was the first customer to implement the system following Board’s management decision, aiming to enhance efficiency and customer service level. The system will allow our company to implement latest advancements in mobile phone technology, creating a state-of-the-art meter reading solution that offers a range of vital features.

Some Key Features  

  • Live capturing of meter readings and update / repair of the GPS location (if needed)
  • Highlighting invalid readings using coloured fonts and symbols, with the reason displayed for each invalid reading
  • Identifying cases where no meter reading was taken due to issues such as no access or a defective meter
  • Customized filtering and advanced search capabilities
  • Use of the mobile device’s camera to take a picture of the meter
  • Display of historic consumption data numerically and graphically
  • Navigation within the walk route through the map
  • Instant check and reporting of high consumption with SMS delivery to the property user
  • Spot-billing and integration with portable laser printers to allow field printing of statements

eFMR software adaptation:

  • Enhances Meter Reading Accuracy
  • Resolves Meter issues
  • Increases Operational Efficiency and Profitability
  • Enhances Data Management
  • Advances Customer Service level

With the launch of the eFMR software, our customers can now enjoy a range of additional benefits. This innovative solution offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features that will streamline the meter reading process and enhance overall operational efficiency.

We are pleased for the opportunity to proceed with the first implementation of the software in Larnaca Water Board, following a long-term collaboration, implementing Utility CRM & Billing and Asset Management in recent years.

We are confident that the eFMR system will deliver significant benefits and make a positive impact for the Utility and its customers.