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Location: Tanzania

Sector: Billing & Collection

Product: EDAMS Billing and Collection System

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Implementation of MIS in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is the largest and most important commercial and industrial centre in Tanzania with an estimated population (2002 census) of 2.5 million and a growth rate of about 4.3%.

Hydro-Comp was awarded a World Bank project for the supply, installation and implementation of the EDAMS suite of systems with emphasis on billing and collection. The first phase of the project lasted 8 months. During this phase the EDAMS systems were successfully deployed at the DAWASCO head office. Satellite operations of the commercial department namely receipting, meter reading, customer services, and customer enquiries were also deployed during that period in 12 Area Offices across Dar es Salaam.

Phase II of the project followed covering a 12 month transition period with continuous on-site presence by experienced Hydro-Comp support engineers for effective system support, knowledge transfer, and capacity building so as to ensure system sustainability. A number of formal training courses were organised, both for end-users as well as technical courses, to ensure effective knowledge transfer.