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Quality Monitoring & LIMS

LIMS Package

LIMS (Laboratory Management Information System) suitable for a Laboratory that is primarily interested in Quality (Sample) Analysis & Monitoring.

LIMS/LAB Package

LIMS/LAB (Laboratory Management system) is the perfect solution for a larger Laboratory that is interested in Quality (Sample) Analysis & Monitoring as well as Instrument Management, Inventory Management and Workload management.

QM Package

QM (Quality Monitoring) is suitable for an Organisation that wants to manage Sample Acquisition from various sources and carry out overall Quality Monitoring (Metrology).

Packaging varies with software functionality offered.

Pricing is a function of number of laboratories, size of laboratories (number of tests) as well as number of users.

(√: Yes, X: No, O: Optional)
Silver PackageGold PackagePlatinum Package
Samples Management
Quality (Sample) Analysis & Monitoring
Workload and Asset Managementx
Workload Managementx
Instrument Managementx
Inventory Management (Consumables)x
Human Resources Managementx
Field Work Management (Technical)xOO
Call CentrexOO
Advanced Modulesx
Sample Acquisitionx
Quality Monitoring (Metrology)x
LIMS System (Environmental-add on)xOO
Geographical Informationx
Desktop GIS Reporting Managerx
Web GIS (GIS Data Publishing) xOO
Business Intelligence
Standard Analytics and Management Reporting
Maintenance Advanced Data AnalyticsxOO
Dashboards & MR for EDAMS QM/LIMSx
Dashboards & MR for EDAMS QM/LIMS - Multiple labsxx
Custom Dashboards & ReportsxOO
Interface to Utility Financial Asset Registerx
API Calloutsx
GIS Interface - to ESRI/ QGIS/ SupermapxOO
Instrumentation Interface (if available)xOO
Interfaces with ERP systems (if available)(HR, Stores, Vehicles Plant & Equipment)xOO
System Administration
Account Maintenance
Uses Roles & Security
Bulk Data import/ export
Audit Trail
Online help documentation
Implementation Services
Data Conversion
User Training
System Setup & Configuration
Data CaptureOOO
Instrumentation Interfacing (if not available)OOO
Interfacing with Utility ERP systems (if not available)OOO
Interfacing with Utility Telemetry systemsOOO
Support Services
Standard Support
Additional SupportOOO