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Billing & CRM

Subscription Package

For Organisations that charge subscription fees to their members on a regular basis, such as Associations, Internet providers, TV Channel providers.

Municipal Package

For Organisations that charge a variety of rates and taxes for services rendered on a regular basis, such as Municipalities and other Local Authorities.

Utility Package

For Service Providers that charge for a variety of services including metered consumption, such as Water & Sanitation Utilities and Electricity authorities.

Enterprise Package

For Organisations that charge both rates and taxes as well as for Utility services on a metered basis in a consolidated bill, such as Municipalities that also supply water, sanitation and electricity services to Customers.

Packaging varies with software functionality offered.

Pricing is a function of number services billed, number of Customers as well as number of users.

(√: Yes, X: No, O: Optional)
Subscription PackageMunicipal PackageUtility PackageEnterprise Package
Commercial Database
Subscription Billingxxx
Municipal (Rates & Taxes) Billingxx
Metered Consumption Billingxx
Consolidated Billingxxx
Revenue Management
Debt Management
Revenue Collection/ Statement deliveryxxOO
Meter Readingxx
Interface to HHU for Meter Reading and/ or Spot billingxxOO
Interface to Pre-paid Metering systemxxOO
Meter Data Management System for real-time readingsxxOO
Customer Relations Management
Applications Processing
Financial Adjustments (Journals)
Meter/ Connection Maintenancexx
WorkLoad Managementxx
Field Work Management (Commercial)xxOO
Customer Relations Management (Customer portal)OOOO
Commercial Planning Systems
Tariff AnalysisxxOO
Commercial Data EvaluationxxOO
Commercial Data ValidationxOOO
Geographical Information
Desktop GIS Reporting Manager
Web GIS (GIS Data Publishing) OOOO
Business Intelligence
Standard Analytics and Management Reporting
Dashboards & MR for EDAMS B&CRM systemsOOOO
Custom Dashboards & ReportsOOOO
API Calloutsxx
PAYMENT Gateway interface
GIS Interface - to ESRI/ QGIS/ SupermapxxOO
Interfaces with ERP systems (if available)(HR, Stores, Vehicles Plant & Equipment)xxOO
Portal Support of Single Sign On (SSO) authentication via OpenID Servers functionality (e.g. Ariadne)OOOO
System Administration
Account Maintenance
Uses Roles & Security
Bulk Data import/ export
Audit Trail
Online help documentation
Implementation Services
Data Conversion
System Setup & Configuration
Interfacing with Payment GatewayOOOO
Interfacing with ERP systems (if not available)xxOO
Interfacing with Telemetry systems/ API CalloutsxxOO
Support Services
Standard Support
Additional SupportOOOO