Silver Package

For the Solar Park Operator that wants to effectively Maintain Solar Parks.

Gold Package

For the Solar Park Operator that wants to effectively Maintain & Operate Solar Parks.

Platinum Package

For the larger Solar Park Operator that Develops, Maintains & Operates Solar Parks on behalf of itself or other Park Owners.

Packaging varies with software functionality offered.

Pricing is a function of Number and Total Capacity of Solar parks operated by Utility as well as number of users.

(√: Yes, X: No, O: Optional)
Silver PackageGold PackagePlatinum Package
Geographical Information
Desktop GIS Reporting Manager
Web GIS (GIS Data Publishing) OOO
Data Management
Plant Data Management - Solar Parks (PV)
Properties, Vehicles & Equipment (PVE) Data ManagementOOO
Projects Register (project tracking)OOO
Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management
Field Work Management (Technical)OOO
Call CentreOOO
Asset Management Planning
Condition Assessment
Field Work Management (Condition Assessment)OOO
Asset Valuation
Rehabilitation Planning
Operations Managementx
Metering/Logs Manager (Utility)x
Fault Analysis (Real time)x
Performance Analysis (Solar)x
Production data Analysis & Forecast (Solar)x
SolarCast 3rd party product subscriptionxOO
Solar Park Development & Park Owner Portalxx
Licensing & Permitsxx
Solar Park Owner portalxx
Business Intelligence
Standard Analytics and Management Reporting
Maintenance Advanced Data AnalyticsOOO
Dashboards & MR for Operationsx
Dashboards & MR for Park Ownersxx
Dashboards & MR for Asset ManagementOOO
Dashboards & MR for Maintenance ManagementOOO
Custom Dashboards & ReportsOOO
Interface to Utility Financial Asset Register
API Calloutsx
Interface to Inverter Manufacturer APIx
Interface to SolarCastx
GIS Interface - to ESRI / QGIS / SupermapOOO
Interfaces with ERP systems (if available)(HR, Stores, Vehicles Plant & Equipment)OOO
Portal Support of Single Sign On (SSO) authentication via OpenID Servers functionality (e.g. Ariadne)xxO
System Administration
Account Maintenance
Uses Roles & Security
Bulk Data import / export
Audit Trail
Online help documentation
Implementation Services
Data Conversion Training
User Training
System Setup & Configuration
Interfacing with Utility ERP systems (if not available)OOO
Support Services
Standard Support
Additional SupportOOO