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Asset Management (AM) Programme


The EDAMS Asset Management (AM) Programme, provides small to medium size Utilities & Municipalities technical assistance and the use of EDAMS Software through the Cloud to carry out effective Asset Management & Operations Management for monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively, while maintaining a desired level of service and improving overall Utility performance.

The formulated Packages are designed in such a manner so as to enable capacity building at the Service Provider in a gradual and organised manner suiting the Provider’s individual circumstances and progress made with time.


Providing a Low cost, Low – risk AM solution for Utilities & Municipalities



Asset & Operations Management of Water Supply and Sanitation Networks & Treatment Plants.

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Asset & Operations Management of Photovoltaic Parks.

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Asset & Operations Management of Electricity Distribution.

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Asset & Operations Management of Municipal Assets, including buildings, structures, parks, public facilities, roads & pavements, stormwater and solid waste management.

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