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Software modules are bundled together to offer an appropriate combination per Industry and per Customer’s prevailing requirements at a completive price. Where applicable Customers can upgrade to a more advanced package as their level of sophistication changes.

The EDAMS Packages are offered on the Cloud on a yearly subscription (Pay as You Go) basis or can be locally hosted.
If on Cloud the Customer can choose to directly appoint his Host Services Provider or can choose that EDAMS Technology provide such hosting services through its own Host Services Provider.



Asset Management (AM) Programme

The EDAMS Asset Management (AM) Programme, provides small to medium size Utilities & Municipalities technical assistance and the use of EDAMS Software through the Cloud to carry out effective Asset Management & Operations Management for monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost – effectively, while maintaining a desired level of service and improving overall Utility performance.



Providing a cost efficient, Low – risk AM solution for Utilities & Municipalities