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> Challenges

– Electricity Pumping Costs can be as high as 40% of Operational Expenditure and together with staffing costs constitute the main operational cost of the Utility
– Making sure that the pump is working efficiently is a pre-requisite but even then costs are high


> Often the problem lies in the distribution system itself especially when it comes to older networks that underwent considerable expansion over time.

Bottlenecks as well as the need to rezone the distribution effectively can reduced considerably the required pumping heads resulting in energy savings.

> The EDAMS Network analysis model together with EDAMS Network optimisation approach results in:

  1. Better Performing Distribution Network
  2. Less Leakage and
  3. A Reduction in Electricity Pumping Costs


> Benefits

  • Reduction in Electricity Pumping costs. As much as 30% in some cases
  • Reduction in Leakage due to lower pressures as well as even pressure distribution
  • New Zones with Optimal Pressure Levels and Variations
  • A Distribution Network performing at its maximum possible performance level