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> Challenges

Inefficient Processes, Systems and tools resulting in High % Downtime and excessive use of manpower for various processes as described below:

– Field Validation, Maintenance and Condition Assessment of Assets
– Data Capture & Structuring
– Leakage Detection
– Data Analysis (e.g. OPEX Costing, Rehabilitation Costing, Loss Analysis)
– Management Reporting, resulting in a lot of Data Analytics


> The EDAMS Field Work Management software utilize industry specific pre-defined templates to assist mobile field workers carry out:

  1. Data Capture
  2. Asset Condition Assessment
  3. Maintenance
  4. Recording of Readings / Logs / Events

The system reduces downtime, offers better visibility of asset data and its records, does away with paperwork and provides direct integration to the assets database.

> EDAMS’ powerful data conversion and structuring facilities make it easy to convert data from various sources and attach engineering intelligence to network data.

Data cleaning is streamlined and automated, with missing attribute data, connectivity or topological violations and suspect engineering zones highlighted as exceptions.

The system ensures that the exceptions are classified intelligently to allow the user to focus on investigating critical problems.

> EDAMS’ approach to Non-Revenue water used with EDAMS software results in quantifying and narrowing down the location of leaks prior to carrying out field leakage detection.

> EDAMS Data Analytics with regard to maintenance records, rehabilitation costing, NRW and others is inherent in all the systems, basically doing way with manual data processing.


> EDAMS Business Intelligence module can publish reports in several formats including:

  1. Dashboards,
  2. Real Time Dashboards,
  3. GIS / Maps,
  4. Reports and
  5. Enquiries doing away with time consuming data processing

> Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction of Downtime
  • Lower Salary and Wages Costs
  • Effective Decision Support System
  • Immediate Response to Problems