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> Challenges

– Significant Shifts from Conventional Power Generation to weather-controlled power generation create more variables in forecasting supply and demand models. Energy providers must balance supply and demand
– For a single operator, in energy markets the Energy Balance, must be readjusted on a real time basis to account for green energy weather controlled production, also often curtailed as per Transmission System Operator demands and and adjusted for optimal Energy markets sales


> The EDAMS solution integrates MDMS (Meter data management system) reading both consumer meters and production meters, weather stations, Billing and CRM as well as Production details to simultaneously forecast demand and production, perform optimal balancing, create relevant market contracts and communicate with both the market and the production units for control.

> Benefits

  • Optimal Energy Balance between Production and Demand
  • Improved Profitability
  • Proper Energy Demand Management
  • Regulatory Compliance