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> Challenges

– Stuck / Broken Meters, Malfunctioning (slow) Meters, Illegal / Unknown Connections, Poor Meter reading Practices, Inaccurate Data in Billing systems and wastage by consumers without proper bills can result in large amounts of lost revenues and increased Non-Revenue Water indicators
– Replacing Meters based on age in an effort to improve revenues is not cost effective and will not address the majority of problems


> The EDAMS Commercial Data Analysis (CDA) module identifies and highlights suspect readings as well as problematic meters based on various findings.

The analysis focuses on understanding the errors in the commercial database and produces key exception reports that can be used to correct these problems.

> Using the results of the EDAMS-CDA module the EDAMS-Asset Management Planning (AMP) module carries out Rehabilitation Planning of Consumer Meters & Unmetered Connections.

The outcome of the exercise can be implemented immediately by Utilities to plan for meter rehabilitation works in a cost effective manner and at the same time result in revenue increases in terms of replacing stuck / malfunctioning meters.

> Benefits

  • Increased Revenues
  • Reduction in Wastage and Production Costs
  • Improved Customer Bills
  • Cost Effective Meter Rehabilitation Program