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> Challenges

– Inaccurate Depiction of Network (Connectivity)
– Missing / Unknown Assets from Register
– Missing / Unknown Asset Attributes
– In appropriate Data Structure Necessitating Duplication for Different Functions
– Reconciling the Technical with the Financial Asset Register


> Data Acquisition & Conversion:

EDAMS’ powerful data conversion and structuring facilities make it easy to convert data from various sources and attach engineering intelligence to network data to improve engineering integrity.

> The EDAMS Field Work Management software are industry specific using pre-defined templates to assist mobile field workers carry out:

  1. Data Capture and
  2. Asset Condition Assessment

> The EDAMS Data Model includes extensive data models for all the relevant infrastructure Assets.

    It further includes extensive element libraries as well as built-in hierarchical structures, to allow for inheritance and functional dependencies.

    > The EDAMS Data Model is structured in such a way so that its constitutes the organization’s Technical Asset Register and can further be used for all relevant applications such as:

    1. Mapping
    2. Maintenance
    3. Engineering Analysis (Modelling)
    4. Demand Management (e.g. NRW)
    5. Asset Valuation
    6. Rehabilitation Planning

    > Network Data Analysis & Evaluation:

      Data cleaning is streamlined and automated, with missing attribute data, connectivity or topological violations and suspect engineering zones highlighted as exceptions.

      The system ensures that the exceptions are classified intelligently to allow the user to focus on investigating critical problems.

      > Benefits

      • Efficient and Meaningful Data Conversion and Structuring
      • Efficient and Accurate Field Data Collection Workflow. Collect and update data through seamless integration with GIS/ EDAMS Data management system
      • Easy Maintenance of a Validated Asset Register
      • On data register for all functions: Avoiding data duplication by different departments
      • Synchronisation of reconciled Technical and Financial Asset Registers