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> Challenges

– Increased Risk of Failure
– Frequent Asset Failures & Service Disruption
– Limited Funds
– Increased Asset Cost as a Result of Lack of Proper Asset Maintenance / Management


> The EDAMS Condition Assessment module handles various assets differently:

  1. Assets such substations, treatment plants and pump-stations are inspected individually and evaluated on a regular basis
  2. Network above ground assets such as Hydrants, Isolating Valves and Manholes are inspected individually and evaluated only if their age exceeds a certain number of years and
  3. Electricity lines, Water and Sewer Pipes are evaluated on a range of parameters, such as failure frequency, material, age, soil conditions and other

> The EDAMS Asset Valuation module:

  1. Determines the current price & maintenance (total cost) of Ownership
  2. Evaluates the remaining useful life of assets
  3. Evaluates the actual cost performance of the assets

> The EDAMS Rehabilitation planning model is a decision support tool for establishing infrastructure rehabilitation and investment plans. Functionality includes:

  1. Importance and Risk Assessment
  2. Asset Categorization
  3. Assessment of Useful Lives
  4. Rating & Ranking Assets and
  5. Budgeting

The main output of the model is a preventive maintenance plan and a rehabilitation plan based on available budgets.

> Benefits

  • Optimal Utilisation of Funds for Rehabilitation
  • Reduction of Operating Costs through focused condition assessment and preventive maintenance actions using optimal resources
  • Reduction of Risk of Failure, increase in resilience and reliability of supply; reduction of breakdowns and service disruption
  • Increase in Remaining Useful life of Asset
  • Calculation of “Real” Asset Value for Balance sheet purposes if required