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Location: Cyprus

Industry: Renewable Energy

Product: EDAMS Solar Energy

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Bioland Energy is a renewable energy company offering net metering solutions for home, net billing for commercial and industrial sectors with core business focuses on the development of large scale Solar PV Parks projects. Bioland required to implement an Integrated Management Information System to address its business requirements regarding the production and selling of Electricity as well as the proper management of its assets. For this purpose, Bioland chose Hydro-Comp to implement the EDAMS- Management Information (EDAMS-MIS) system/s and associated best-practices.

Overall Benefits expected to be achieved by the Client as a result of this project include:

  • Improved asset management in terms of Accurate Technical Asset Register and Effective reactive, routine, proactive and preventive maintenance;
  • Enable Billing and Customer services in terms of Customer Meter ManagementCustomer servicesBillingEffective Debt Management and complaint and maintenance response;
  • Enable Operations for optimal production and supply in terms of Fault AnalysisSupply & Production Analysis and Performance analysis;
  • Enable Energy Management in terms of Energy Market Declarations, Reconciliations and Energy Planning;
  • Improved overall Management in terms of permanent change through use of operational systems and Best Practice standards, procedures and workflows;
  • Financial benefit in terms of optimal operations for Production, Maintenance and Asset Replacement Costs and Revenues in terms of ensuring “correct” production and customer meter measurements.