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The Program

This Program provides technical assistance, software and capacity building to a selected group of up to 70 to 100 water utilities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro to perform a full range of Asset Management activities in the utility.

The program has duration of 3 years, consisting of 3 stages lasting 12 months each, with the idea that each utility will be able to progress from one stage to the next each year.

The Services

Senior staff from each participating utility receive servServicesices that include:

  1. Workshops/Conferences: Held on a regular basis presenting various aspects of the services and IAM.
  2. Data Conversion & IAM Systems Implementation: The EDAMS IAM software are provided to each Utility and are hosted and operated through the Cloud.
  3. Classroom Training: Training courses are held at the Hub-premises on a regular basis addressing all aspects of IAM with different courses applying for the different stages of the program.
  4. Visits: Utilities are encouraged to visit the Hub in regular intervals to seek advice and assistance.
  5. Support: Daily Remote support to Utilities in the use of the software and procedures adopted.
  6. Special Support for IAM newcomers: Utilities new to IAM and with little knowledge/use of GIS/CAD systems receive additional support in terms of site visits and assistance in assets network data capturing.
  7. Access to Additional IAM Services: Provided if required optional at an extra cost to assist the Utilities with studies, such as the compilation of a Commercial Rehabilitation Plan, an Investment Plan, a Rehabilitation & Maintenance Plan and Infrastructure Plans.

Who can participate?

Watewho Can Participater and/or sewerage Utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are all welcome to apply for the participation. Only a limited number of utilities can participate in total, and applications are prioritized based on their access to capital, technical potential and willingness to participate in the initiative.

The Approach

The implementation of IAM practices in the utilities is achieved through the use of an innovative package that includes the formation of Hubs and the use of the already customised for the region EDAMS Integrated Asset Management Information Systems. The AM Hubs provide capacity building to the participating Utilities to carry out Integrated Asset Management (IAM) activities through training, support and the provision of the software and best-practice methodologies. In the case where Utilities lack the manpower resources to fully implement IAM activities themselves, the AM Hubs provide additional services to assist the Utilities in carrying out these activities.

The AM Hubs offer a 3-year program, consisting of 3 stages lasting 12 months each. The assumption is that each utility will be able to progress from one stage to the next each year. Approximately 20 to 30 utilities will enter into each stage of the program.

  • Stage 1: The emphasis of Stage 1EDAMS GIS Module
    is to assist Utilities in setting up and maintaining a validated network
    geographical database, effectively performing proper Network Data
    as well as understand components of Integrated Asset Management (IAM).
  • Stage 2: The objective of Stage 2 is to enable Maintenance Management for improving productivity and efficiency of the maintenance function and service delivery as well as for registering maintenance problems for further use in Rehabilitation/ Maintenance Planning (Stage 3)
  • Stage 3: The last year’s stage EDAMS Maintenance Management Systemwill enable the remaining activities of Integrated Asset Management namely: (a) Commercial Data Management, (b) Water Quality Management, (c) Distribution/ NRW Management, (d) Rehabilitation/ Maintenance Planning and (e) Infrastructure Planning.
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