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  • GIZ – German Corporation for International Cooperation
  • Is a 100% federally owned organisation that operates on a public-benefit basis in more than 130 countries worldwide.
  • Corporate purpose: international cooperation for sustainable development and education activities around the globe.
  • Employs around 17,300 staff members Flow Wateracross the globe, some 70% of whom are employed locally as national personnel.
  • Volume of business in 2015: EUR 2.1 billion

Hydro-CompEDAMS Logo withLetters Hydro-Comp Enterprises Logo

  • Hydro-Comp is a consulting and IT company specialising in the provision of consulting services and implementation of integrated management systems for Municipalities and Utilities.
  • Hydro-Comp was formed in
    1985 by two leading water professionals in Johannesburg S.A. Since then the company became international headquartered in Nicosia, with offices in various countries and major projects in over 30 countries and a a strategic partnership network stretching across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
  • The Hydro-Comp group includes EDAMS Technology that is responsible for developing the EDAMS Management Information systems.


      • IAWD, the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, is the prime association of water and wastewater utilities in the Danube region. Established in 1993, IAWD has built a strong network of cooperation in the region, which goes beyond national, cultural and linguistic borders (

    IAWD Map

    • IAWD supports the utilities directly and through its partners, the national water utility associations, to secure the water quality of the Danube and its tributaries, to make the utility services sustainable, to represent the utilities’ interests and be an established and attractive platform for donors covering the entire region.
    • Recently, IAWD together with its partners, the national water utility associations, has established the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP), which is designed as a regional, integrated and sustainable capacity building initiative offering a comprehensive curriculum to the staff of water and wastewater utilities located in the Danube region (


  • The Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (Association) is a unique association in Serbia today. It represents a source of technical, scientific and managerial knowledge and its mission is to contribute to the advancement of water supply and wastewater disposal systems and environmental protection.
  • The Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering is one of Serbia’s oldest water and environmental associations. The essence of its mission is the prudent use of water resources and their protection from pollution.


  • B&H Aquasan Network is established to improve the present situation in the WEP sector in B&H and particularly to maximize the use of domestic institutional and human resources (information, knowledge, experiences and good practices).
  • Aquasan Network members are experts from the WEP sector across B&H i.e. representatives of state ministries,
    relevant entity and cantonal ministries, entity water agencies, municipalities, research institutes, NGOs, public water supply and utility companies and representatives of private sector including independent consultants

Partnership Structure

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