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The EDAMS IAM software are provided by EDAMS Technology (division of Hydro-Comp) and are hosted and operated through the Cloud, with cloud services provided by Amazon.

The Hub-Centre utilises the EDAMS IAM software for: (a) carrying out data Network Data Evaluation and reports of Utilities’ networks to assist them in addressing problems and compiling validated asset registers, (b) publishing Utilities’ data on the web and give access to each Utility to publish, view and get reports on their network data.

Program Software

EDAMS Technology also makes available the EDAMS IAM software to the Utilities, in three different versions depending on the progress achieved by the Utility as follows:

Silver Package
Addresses GIS/ Network Data Management
Gold Package
In addition to the Silver package it addresses Maintenance Management
Platinum Package
In addition to the Silver and Gold packages it addresses,

  • Commercial Data Management,
  • Monitoring and Planning activities such as Water Quality Management,
  • Metering/Logs Management,
  • Asset Management,
  • Non-revenue Water (NRW)
  • Zone Management and Infrastructure Planning.

The Platinum package is aimed at Utilities that have established a validated Asset register and want to embark on the more advanced Asset Management activities.

As the participating Utilities progress to subsequent stages they are upgraded to the Gold Package (Stage 2) and eventually the Platinum Package (Stage 3).

Stages & Software Packages
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