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In 2006 Hydro-Comp Enterprises in collaboration with BerlinWasser & Fideco (ISP team) was awarded a project by KFW[1] for institutional strengthening of four Water Utilities in Serbia (Belgrade, NoviSad, Kragujevac, Nis). As part of the project Hydro-Comp has implemented the EDAMS Integrated Asset Management system at the four utilities. Considerable customization was carried out to the EDAMS Products to suit operational conditions in the region. The systems are successfully used to date to carry out data management, maintenance management, asset management and distribution/ non-revenue water management, especially in Belgrade.

[1] KfW: [Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (“Reconstruction Credit Institute”)] is a German government-owned development bank, based in Frankfurt.

Danude Water Program LogoFollowing the success of the Serbian project, in 2013 the IAWD[1] appointed Hydro-Comp Enterprises to assist them as a consultant in setting up a regional hub in Belgrade for assisting interested Utilities in asset management of their water supply. To enable the success of the project Hydro-Comp loaned the EDAMS Asset Management software to the hub for the contract duration. The program began in the first quarter of 2014 and ended in October 2015. Seventeen Utilities were actively engaged in developing in developing Asset Management geographical databases and Reporting as well as applying the methods presented by the Asset Management Hub based at Belgrade Water Works. A lot of the participating Utilities expressed their interest to further improve their skills in asset management through participating in a Follow-up program.

[1] IAWD (International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area)


Furthermore in September 2015 Hydro-Comp won a tender issued by NALAS[1], financed by GIZ[2] to develop an Investment and Financial Planning model for Utilities in the region. The model has been successfully completed (April 2016) and was implemented in a few selected pilot Utilities in the region.

[1] NALAS: Network of associations of local authorities of South East Europe. The Network brings together 16 Associations which represent roughly 9000 local authorities

[2] GIZ: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. GIZ is owned by the German Federal Government and operates in more than 130 countries

Following the success of the above projects and requests from other regional/ country organisations in Eastern Europe to initiate similar projects, prompted the development of the SEEAM project.

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